High School Hell

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Now before this story starts, I’d like to tell you that this only happened a week ago, so it still gives me chills..

My name is Jason and I live in Philadelphia, I had recently moved so I had trouble making friends at the High School I go to. Eventually, I met this guy who was the same age as me and goes to my class.His name was Mike, we sat together in Science class and would always pass notes when the teacher isn’t looking.

One day, he invited me over to his house. I thought not much of it as I expected to play some Video Games.. When I got there, all the lights in the house were turned off, I assumed it was the wrong house and I texted him what the address was. He said “I see you, come around the back” I looked at the blinds and they quickly shut, I had nervousness in my stomach, but I went to the back anyways.

When I got to the back I saw him sitting at a table at the backyard, I sat down across from him and he began to speak “Do you know why I invited you over?” He asked, “To hang and play some Video Games?” I responded. He smiled at me and said “No…” My stomach dropped and I asked “Then why am I here?” Then he said “To kill you…” I got up and ran.

I got to my bike, but as I looked back he was there with 3 other figures behind him, waving bye with knives in their hands.. What happen next was so horrifying that I wanted to throw up rethinking this moment, Mike ran after me and I got on my back and rode off but he still ran and he jumped onto a car that was behind him in motion.

This was a chase scene that felt like forever until I reached my house and hid in the bushes. They drove past my house and I showed a sign of relief, I ran inside but didn’t tell anyone what happened. After that I blocked Mike’s number and changed mines, before I did that, the last thing he texted me was “Come out and play”, “Fuck off” I respond, I never did see Mike again, apparently he moved, and boy was I so relieved.
Don’t risk it when going to guy’s house when you only know him for just a week, I hope no one has to experience this in their lives, EVER.

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