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I am a 23 year old female, and this happened when I was around 17. I was online playing cod with my usual group of friends. But something wasn’t right, we will call the guy in this story Dave.

Dave had joined the party a little late. We were all just talking before beginning the match. We came on crying saying that someone was trying to kill him and his family.

We all heard alot of commotion on the other side. So all of use were worried. I asked what was going on, and some one or something came over the microphone. They had a distorted voice.

They had told us that they all know where we live and we’re coming to get us too. So this had me freaked out and I ran to check to make sure all my doors were locked

I peered out my window and saw nothing. But as I got back online, one of my friends said they saw someone pull away from their house. The voice came back one and said one down.

I got scared and signed out. The next day, Dave’s profile was taking down. We didn’t hear from him anymore. So no one is sure what happened.

Some sick joke or someone really did come to kill him. We really will never know.


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Thats scary,i hope you find your friend