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Hey my English is not the best to start out with. Hi my name is Jack, I live in a small town in the middle of the central coast of California.

I am writing this out 5 minutes after this happened. So for most of my life I went to small private schools, so I am super shy. I am a freshman in highschool right now and I absolutely love it. So I am really lonely because I am so shy, so what I did was text this girl I thought was nice. So we talked for a while and finally I asked if we could go to lunch and if I could get her number. This was about a week ago keep in mind.

The day came around and it was Tuesday, I texted her that morning saying that I could make it due to home work and other things. So she said ok and I said sorry.

Well the night before this I was on Instagram looking at memes and stuff.

Whether stories pops up with her crying. So I texted her asking if she was ok and if I needed to call her. She said yeah but my phone at the time was almost dead and I didn’t have good internet. So I just texted I’m sorry but I can’t talk right now due to my phone.

She said ok and went to bed.

The next day, today, I asked if she was doing better and she said yes. So I said ok and we talked for a while and I finally asked her out. She said no and I said ok but after that we still texted.

Biggest mistake ever, about 30 minutes ago I was talking to my friend and we were sending stupid pictures of each other.

And then all of a sudden I get a dm and it says one of her friends likes me. So I said ok, she gave me her number I was scarred at that point, because I didn’t know this “chick”.

So I was asking my friend what to do he said don’t text it.

So I did t text it, but she kept on telling me to text it but I didn’t. All of a sudden I get this text saying hey cutie pie so I asked who this was. I get a text back saying you do t need to know.

So I asked for a picture form the person to see if I know them or not, big mistake.

All of a sudden this person just was sending me these death threats and calling me all these horrible things like you “cousin f***** and I was a pussy for not fighting him.” Let me get this straight I am a super muscular guy who plays football and who lifts weights for fun, I am just under 6 foot and around 200 pounds of muscle.

So this guy was saying I couldn’t beat him in a fight and that I am a pussy freshman.

So I sent him something about getting all my friends and beating the shit out of him.

He backed of but then said he would get his friends and shoot me up. Which I don’t know this person and my school has a lot of druggys and gangster. So during this whole thing I was freaking out and right now I am still scared. Please if you have and experience like this tell me.

Girl I liked and her friend let’s not meet again.


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