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When I was about 13/14 my parents, my aunt and my friends parents all wanted to go camping. As a teen I wasn’t a big fan of camping, or being cold and just found the wilderness boring.

So my cousin Martina who was 15 at the time and I were allowed to stay behind at her house alone together, we had friends visiting our friend Whitney, Mary and Monique. We did the typical sleepover stuff ate junk food, watched movies, and gossiped about boys.

At some point we decided that it would be a good idea to have a Saeonce. We set up in my cousins bedroom at the front of the house and began… Martina , Mary and Whitney proceeded to scary Monique and I a little bit, we figured it out and we all started laughing.

After awhile the scary game had been forgotten and we went back to our gossiping and joking around.

I fell asleep early that night and was awoken by the sound of a door being flung open in the room I was asleep in, and the other 4 girls screaming !

I jumped out of bed and the girls proceeded to say Whitney was acting strangely… making sounds, and she had grabbed a knife! We all got up and scrambled to the front door which was in Martina’s bedroom and then rushed out the door out into the light of sunrise. I thank god we lived on a rural town in Saskatchewan and no one was around to witness our hysteria.

We ran down the street with our crazy friend not far behind us (but far enough that we could lose her). We rushed down the street and around the corner and ducked into the post office where we laid flat on the floor scared and trying to catch our breath, as we heard Whitney calling out to us and her feet on the gravel road. We laid there for I’m not sure how long until we finally got the courage to get up, we peaked out and didn’t see her, unsure of what to do we looked around then heard her coming around the post office again.

– [ ] We ran down the road as quick as we could, we ran down the road and then right down another road, then went rushing down a back road in town and down into some woods to hide.. I can still remember the rocks, grass and sticks cutting up my feet.

As we crouched hidden in the bottom of the woods I could hear her voice coming from everywhere! And plugging my ears seemed to make it louder! All we heard was our names being called to come out and “play” and sadistic laughter, this laughter and taunting continued until suddenly it began to taper off with the sunlight. We hid in there for what seemed like hours scared she was waiting for us finally when we were able to muster up the courage to go back to my cousins house.

When we walked back into the house Whitney was there sleeping soundly in her pajamas.. her feet perfectly clean, while all the rest of us who were also barefoot had black soles.. I’m not sure what happened and to this day Martina swears it wasn’t a prank!
I never messed with the paranormal again Incase you’re wondering.

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