Headless ghost at Lake Mead

Hi there this is a true scary story that I do not really like to talk or even think about but it’s been long enough to finally get it off my chest. It’s been close to 10 years now since my wife’s birthday in August of 2008. So The Story Goes me and my wife decided to go night fishing at lake mead since it could be very hot in the daytime especially in August at Lake Mead so we packed up all our fishing gear and headed out to Lake Mead for our fun-filled fishing night little did we know the horror that we were about to encounter that night. I remember it clearly as we pulled up to launch the boat as it was around 7 p.m. when we arrived so me and my wife hop in the boat and troll our way to a lucky fishing spot that we have been to before. So we get there I anchored the boat and we immediately started to fish hours went by it was a little after midnight when suddenly we here 4 loud bangs or should i say pounding on the bottom of our boat. My wife was so scared I had to calm her down as I was also freaked out and had no idea what it was.? And then we hear splashing about 10 feet away so I turn on my spotlight and pointed towards the splashing and then we seen a man in a yellow vest splashing in the water so I yelled are you okay hello with no response. As my wife is crying and freaking out… just to let everyone know.. we were in the middle of the water nowhere near land with no other boaters around… so to get back to the story. I yelled at the man one last time are you okay and suddenly the splashing stops and then we can clearly see the man or thing it had no head just sitting there now floating with his hands out of the water sinking down to the bottom after this I started the boat immediately and started to head back to the launch ramp as we was heading back we hear a loud scream to the left of us coming from a Cove that we was passing so again I turned on my Spotlight and pointed it to where the noise was coming from and there he was Again The Man in the Yellow vest with no head waving at us as we saw this my wife got absolutely hysterical and screaming and then I knew this was a paranormal situation I was freaking the hell out I dropped the throttle and got out of there as fast as possible when we approached the loading dock they were other boaters and had noticed my wife freaking out and they asked if everything was okay and I explained the situation to them as they were also freaked out by my story me and my wife has never went night fishing again…


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