Haunted summer break

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To start this story off with I’m a 11 year old female and I love to do fun stuff. Like hike and go camping.

But what happened to me will make me not want to go to the same place we went to. We live in a small town near Longview Washington and it was August so I only had a few weeks before I had to go back to school. We had a few family friends going camping with us they were Jay, Korbin and Austin. And we also had my mom,me, my cousin Kass, and Chuck with his two daughters.

We were going to Oregon to find our camping spot.

I also had a knife with me but that will come in later. Fast forward a little bit and were at the camping spot and of course we do the usual upscale get ready. Fast forward to the night before we leave we were all going to go on a night time walk at the dunes to see all the stars. So Korbin doesn’t want to go so he wants to hangout with the older boys Jay and Austin.

And this is where things start getting creepy.

Me, Mom, and Kass where walking down the little road where the trail starts and my Mom texts Chuck and says “Were here waiting where are you?” He replies with “ At the dunes why?”

Well they do a lot more texting then we start back to the camp.

We start walking and mind you I still have my knife on me. And were only like 20ft from the trail head when we see something it was black with reflecting eyes it was about 5’9” and swaying with arms hanging lower than its waist and it was walking towards us.

My Adrenaline was on fire I was shaking from fear my mom says “ Kayla give me the knife!” I fumble but I hand it to her.

Then I saw the most amazing thing a car.

Then the thing shot of into the woods next to us with out making a noise and if it were a human or something like that we would of heard the leaves and twigs breaking. Well we weren’t staying any longer so we booked it back to camp.

But if any one knows what this could of been please say.

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