Haunted pet shop

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I work at small-ish pet shop that’s part of a small chain and our store is one of 2 under a somewhat separate ownership. I had always had strange feelings in there during night shifts and decided to ask one of my managers if he had experienced anything here. He said “Oh, I guess they never told you about Todd.” I asked who Todd was and he began to explain. Apparently there had been plenty of strange happenings before I started there. In one incident an employee had seen an item levitate and float from one shelf to the one across from it. An even stranger thing happened one night when no one was there. For reference, we have these containers called “bulk bins” where you could pull a lever and get bulk food for various small animals or birds. But one morning the opening staff had noticed one of them had released it’s contents. The thing is, it requires a person to pull it down. So we checked the cameras, which are motion activated, to make sure a rat wasn’t the culprit. However, all we saw was the food being released from the bulk bin in the middle of the night. He earned the nickname “Todd.” I’m not sure why, but that’s the name that was chosen. But it didn’t stop there. There was one occasion when I was working on something in an isle and saw a customer at the end. When I looked up to ask if he needed help, no one was there. I looked around the store but there were only a couple people on the other side and none of them looked like him. Other small things had happened as well, and the most recent was I saw someone behind me in an isle, but there was nobody when I turned around. Thanks for listening darkness🤘 follow me on Insta or whatever if you want

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