haunted jungle

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I’ll never forget the time when me and my girl friend were going on a ticking trip in the nearby forest just about an hour away. We stopped at a nearby pizza place before we headed out.

As we started making our way into the jungle and with the night slowly falling I couldn’t help but notice the feeling of being watched from behind us. I tried to ignore it but then my girlfriend got the same feeling.

She asked me if we are safe out here and I told her everything is going to be alright, but something told me in the back of my head that I was wrong.

We eventually got our tent set up and got a little fire going and I noticed that my girlfriend had been staring into one section of the jungle for quite sometime, I asked her is everything ok and I nearly got chills down my spine when she lifted up her arm to point blankly in the woods,

But I noticed at that point what she was looking at and my heart nearly dropped into my stomach when I saw what she was looking at, a tall black figure, I did something dumb something I regret, I called out hey what the he’ll are you doing.

The thing turned to face me by this point my girlfriend was in the tent by now she was so freaked out, now I realize I couldn’t move, as it slowly creeped its way towards me, my girlfriend was yelling nearly in tears we need to get Inside now, I snapped out of it and went into the tent and closed the thing,

I got under my covers to try to show no emotion to this thing at all, as it slowly walked up to our tent I got this feeling of utter terror I felt like I was going to die right then and there, what ever this thing was let out a inhuman scream, it must have been standing there all night long keying out screams like that cuz when I woke up barely remembering what happened me and my girlfriend both had dark black bags under our eyes.

I believe what I experienced that night was some sort of demonic entity and I will never enter that jungle again as long as I live.

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