Haunted Forest

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Now this is a very Short but a very disturbing story, it starts somewhere about one and a half year Ago. I was 16 back then and it Still scares the living hell out of me. Just to be clear i live in a really safe suburban area in Sweden and there are almost no crime here and it could be considered heaven compared to other places in Sweden.

Anyways there are a big Forest really close to all the houses and inside there’s a small lake that i always fish in.

Now my house is only 1 minute away from this forest, which in My opinion is very nice. When you enter the forest it only takes 40 or so seconds to get to the small lake, i can even see it from my window.. Now i have a dog named chucky who’s a male siberian husky so he usually needs long walks except for the late night walks. I am very used to take chucky for evening walks since my dad has back problems and My Mom is just generally a tired person and since i’m the healthy son i Help out My parents. Now the path i take usually takes about 15 minutes to walk.

A Little bit of the 15 minute walk is beside the forest, maybe about 5 minutes.

Now when you go beside the forest there are several paths leading down into the forest.

Now these things i’m about to tell you only happens late evenings when it’s dark out and this has been going on for like i said one and a half year now. It may not sound so scary but trust me if you were to experience this you would be scared or at the very least feel weirded out.

Okay so both me and my Mom has heard these things seperately so i’m not crazy or anything. Now this doesn’t happen every evening walk infact not even half of the time but Still it’s not super rare. Now the thing i’m talking about is that when you walk past the forest you hear things inside the Forest and no not usuall things like wildlife, these sounds are human made.

It started out as just voices in a foreign languange and footsteps of People inside the forest.

At first i thought nothing of it and blushed it off as people that likes to take evening walks in the Forest but Still it would be kinda weird since it’s really dark out and i never Saw anyone use flashlights, and without light you would probably trip or don’t know where you’re walking.

After some months it progressed from just talking to sobing and crying, but you could barely hear it. Now i’m a pretty scared person and i’m considered a “Pussy” to some people.

I never investigated these cries since i was only scared rather than worried of someones safety.

My mom Still only heard voices though. It keeped on like that for a year and i didnt have a clue what to do except just ignoring it, what could i do?. After a year i begin hearing screamings in a distance and sometimes i would hear a little girls voice say “Help – Help – Help” over and over again.

Now if i was a brave person i would investigate but it creeps me out so much that i just run or ignore it. Now i know how it sounds, call the police right? Well what could they do? Nothing except think im crazy.

Now please note that alot of these Times My dog just stands frozen and looks straight into the darkness of the woods so concentrated that i have to drag him away. Now sometimes i think what if there are someone that needs Help or is in trouble but i am too much of a wimp to find out.

I sometimes Wonder if My dog sees something in there that i dont. I have no idea what the hell is going on the forest at night and frankly i dont wanna find out. Now my Mom thinks it’s haunted but i have never really believed in the paranormal.

If there really are someone there that needs Help everynight, i am sorry for being too much of a wimp to find out…

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