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I Have Recently Finished College..My Boyfriend Was A Bit Older..But Only Like Five Years Or So..He Wasn’t The Muscular Type You Know..And He Always Said He Wanted To Gym And Stuff..

I Decided To Suprise Him Then..He Took His Father’s Business Over..Which Meant He Had A Nice Pay check..Which Also Meant We Had A Big House..And After College I Moved In With Him..

The House Was Pretty Big..There Was A Extra Room With Nothing In It..So I Decided To Go On Craiglist..And Look For Some Gyming Equipment..I Saw This Great Offer..It Was A Blue Punching Bag..It Was Still In Good Shape..So I Contacted The Guy Who Wanted To Sell This Punching Bag..

When He Answered..He Said “Yeah..Its Done..Don’t Worry” I Replied “Umm..Hello Sir? I Saw You Were Selling A Punching Bag..Right?” The Man Nervously Answered “Uhh..Yeah..Yes..Sorry..Thought You Were Someone Else..Do You Want To Buy The Thing?” I Replied Confusingly “No Its Okay..Yeah But Can We Meet Up Today?” He Answered “Yes, Yes Of Course..When?” I Said “Let’s Say.. At Five?” He Just Hung Up Then..

I Looked On The Advertisement For His Address..And When It Was Close To 5 o Clock.. I Drove To His House..

When I Stopped There..He Wasn’t Outside Yet..I Began To Thought It Was A Prank Or Something..

I Got Out Of The Car..And Walked To His Front Door..It Wasn’t Very Fancy..It Was Kind Of Sketchy At First..

He Had This Pit Bull That Kept Barking At Me From The Back Yard..I Could Still See Him Though..

When I Arrived At The Front Door..I Knocked..Seeing That There Wasn’t Any Door Bells..I Could Hear Him Yell “Yeah Im Coming!” I Didn’t Reply..Just Waited For Him To Open The Door..

When He Opened The Door He Asked Who I Was..I Said On A Friendly Way “I Called You Regarding The Punching Bag?” He Said “Oh Yes..Yes..Follow Me..It’s On The Truck..”

I Followed Him..He Gave Me The Bag..And I Gave Him The Money..He Said Nothing And Just Ran Into The House..Closing The Door..And This Already Gave Me A Weird Vibe..

I Tried Carrying This Punching Bag..It Was Heavy As Fuck..I Finally Found A Way To Carry It To My Car..I Shoved It Into The Back Seat..When This Terrible Smell Just Hitted My In My Face..

When I Arrived Home..I Asked One Of The Neighbours Who Was Living Next To Me..To Help Me Carry This Thing..He Simply Said “Yes Of Course!” With A Smile I Pointed Him To The Car..I Asked Him To Take It Into The House..

When My Boyfriend Arrived..After A Long Day Of Work..He Called Out To Me And Asked “Jane What Is This?!!” I Jumped Up And Ran To Him..When I Came Into The Room..This Gave Me Shivers..

There Was 2 Bodies..Bloody And Had A Bad Smell..


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