Grizzlyhead’s History

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Arlo Braelyn started growing up in a condo in Denton Texas with his mother, father, and older sister. His father, Ruban Braelyn was a major alcoholic, who would abuse Arlo physically, verbally, and mentally. This started to cause anger to fester in Arlo.

One night when Arlo was twelve years old, he immediately snapped and murdered not only his father, but his older sister, Dekota in cold blood. This caused Arlo to be sentenced to Huntsville Maximum security prison for the rest of his life.

While Arlo was in Prison at age seventeen, he had become driven by a curse, which cause him to lose his soul and never say a word. He even gained the ability to regenerate for a hour after being knocked out by any deadly attack.

Eight months later, Arlo soon found out that his mother, Joann was killed in a serious car accident. This situation caused Arlo become angrier than ever. So much anger festered in him so much that he wanted to take revenge on what or who caused his mother’s death.

After four more years, Arlo managed to escape prison and return back to his hometown of Denton only to resume his killing spree.

Nobody knows how he manages to never ever say one single word. Nobody knows how he manages to survive every deadly attack. Nobody knows what he escaped prison and returned to his hometown for. Nobody knows what he wanted to resume his killing spree in his hometown for.

All that people know about Arlo is this. That boy is out there. He’s dangerous and he’s not human anymore. He’s evil, pure evil.

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