Great Grandma’s Ghost

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This happened a couple years ago when me and my family went to visit our family in Mexico. We thought that this visit was going to be a great way to spend time with our family, but it turns out we also spent time with the deceased as well.

One afternoon, me and of my family went out to visit my aunt. My dad was running a bit late, Leaving him alone in my grandma’s house.

He was getting dressed up stairs when all of a sudden the windows open with a blast of cold air. Weird because it was a pretty hot day. This freaked out my dad, so he decided to go downstairs. As he made his way down stairs, he could see that there’s this old lady that he’s never seen before sitting on a chair with her back towards him. Her hair was gray, in a braid and wrapped in a bun. He looks away and then looks back. no one was there anymore, she vanished.

He got chills down his spine. He was supposed to be alone. He runs to the living room and opens the front door. I guess he felt less scared with it open. He got dressed and left. But he didn’t dare look back in the kitchen.

He later explained to my family what he had seen. And after telling them about her hair, they came to the conclusion that it was my great grandma that had died a couple years ago. My dad had never met her when she was alive, he had never even seen her in a picture.

I guess my great grandma had a really strong bond with my mom. Maybe all my great grandma wanted to do was to get to know my dad. But whatever she wanted to do with my dad, it sure scared him for life…

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