Grandma’s Story

This is a story told to me by my mother, and later grandmother. It’s an incident that my grandmother normally refuses to talk about, and my grandfather will flat out ignore any questions about it. Not a scary story per say, but I also didn’t experience it firsthand.

Now back in the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s my grandparents were avid travelers. My grandfather worked all the time due to the nature of his job. So when he had even two days off of work it was used as vacation time. It wasn’t unusual for them to pack up their kids in a camper and drive out from their home just East of Chicago and out all the way to the Grand Canyon for a couple days (and all without air conditioning!). Driving down south to camp beside lakes or hiking in swamps was nothing unusual for them, and even now I’m always hearing stories of places they ‘just now’ remembered they camped at back in the ‘60s. Social, they had huge parties on holidays at their house and would often take big group trips to go water skiing with just the ‘grown ups’ in the summer. It was on a trip with a couple they were friends with that they would experience something very strange, something that still haunts them.

While staying at Clifty Falls State Park, they went out walking one evening after dinner with the other couple, enjoying the night air. After walking for a while, they came upon another camp site. What was odd was that, even from far away, the people at the camp site seemed really tall. Gathered together and standing in a circle, a handful of people stood around a fire. The air felt weird, but curiosity got the best of them and they started toward them. As they got closer, they realized the people seemed to get taller. After getting within about 20 yards of the campsite, my grandmother estimated that the people were somewhere around 8 feet tall. They didn’t seem to notice my grandparents and their friends, but the strange situation alone was enough to send them back to their own campsite, quickly! That night, my grandparents tried to talk to the other couple about what they saw, but their friends were profoundly upset and not interested in discussing it.

It was a few years later, after telling the story to another friend, that it was suggested to her that what they had seen was an after effect of time travel. Though I’m not sure exactly how relevant that is, I think it’s an interesting theory. It’s worth mentioning that my grandmother, nearly 40 years later, got a phone call out of the blue from the other women who was with them at the park that night. They talked and then out of nowhere she asked my grandmother “do you remember that night? At Clifty Falls I mean.” That’s the first time she’d talked to my grandmother about what had happened since that night. Not exactly scary, but I know it was unsettling for them and remains a brain twisting mystery for those of us that know about it. If anyone has any information on what this could have been PLEASE tell me!! I really want to figure out what happened that night all those years ago.

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