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I always have met guys on tinder and never have gotten killed or even hurt in any type of way. I always was brave and believed people were trust worthy and most of the tinder guys I hopped in a car with were normal and not close to being crazy; I guess I just got lucky. The guy was matched with me on tinder for a while and I was still dying inside trying to desperately somehow replace my feelings and to get over my ex by seeing a new guy. The guy who I was matched with was named Ryan and seemed extremely normal whenever I facetimed him. I started to like Ryan and I really was excited to meet him because he seemed like a sweet guy who seemed like a gentleman who wouldn’t hurt me the way my ex did I would say. One night I was fed up with still thinking about my ex and I facetimed Ryan. Ryan kept saying “Lets go on an adventure” and wanted to take me to his office to watch a movie. It was almost midnight and I just decided to give the guy a chance and see him. When he got to my college, my friend approved and said he was extremely nice and super attractive. I hopped in the car with him and things seemed fine.. nothing wrong.. nothing psychotic..nothing crazy.. just fine. We got to his office and what scared me the most was he apparently forgot his “keys” so he pulls out a pocket knife and says he knew a trick… the guy literally opened the door with a pocket knife and it opened without any alarms…this office had no security but it was fancy and looked highly taken cared of. I played it cool giving him the benefit of the doubt and tried convincing myself that maybe he actually forgot his keys but deep down a part of me really felt that this building was not his office. We watched a movie and cuddled together on the couch..things seemed okay then and I was guessing the place was actually probably his office since he knew his way around but the fact he had to open the door with a pocket knife still cringed me. It was fate for things to get worse from here.. we had sex and this guy is literally moaning and breathing abnormally like he sounded psycho….it wasn’t the sexy man moan it was like disturbing grunts and I just had a bad vibe all of the sudden… like he sounded like he was from 50 shades of grey. After the sex I kid you not….I AM DEAD SERIOUS… its dark in the room and all of the sudden “FLASH: FLASH: FLASH” I see three flashes at my body as I’m laying down naked…. HE TOOK A PICTURE OF ME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION NAKED. I told him to delete them but he wouldn’t let me look at his phone for a good couple of seconds…finally he deleted them after but I knew he sent them to someone… I WAS NOT STUPID. I felt ashamed and told him it was wrong but he said he did it was a friendly joke…a friendly joke???? I knew once Ryan told me that my heart sank because he was insane. I give him another chance stupidly and cuddle him… as he’s on top of me, he said he was texting his sister and I see his phone over my body… HE DID IT AGAIN…then deleted the pictures before I could see his phone but I KNEW HE SENT THEM TO SOMEONE. After that I got dressed and he decided he wanted to take me back to my dorm… I got back and kissed him goodbye hoping to never see him again.. I blocked him on everything… I literally thought the time a tinder guy took me to the woods by surprise  for a hike at night was creepy… but this experience I had is something  I do not think I will get over for a long time.

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