Goatmans revenge

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The sun was seting to the west of us as we passed Elephant rock while looking for a good spot to set up camp. As we reached the eastern side of the monstrous size rock I began to smell a intense odor of wet dog mixed with dead carcasses. Then in a blink of an eye I heard the crackling of branches and saw a the swift movement of trees and to what i thought had to be a deer or elk run deep into the dark forest away from us and befor i knew it the smell was gone as if it followed whatever animal I thought it was that ran from us. I thought nothing of it as we started to head toward an opening that looked like a great place to camp for the night.

The night was still young and the fire was blazing as my girlfriend and I sat by it with cold beers in our hands and hot dogs on a stick to fill our empty stomachs. As we reminised over passed hicking experiences the awful smell began to creep into our camp. It was so awful that we both lost our apitite and ended up just filling our empty stomachs with budwisers.

As the night went on that awful smeel ingulfed our camp. We decided to head to sleep after a couple more beers seeing we had a long hike ahead of us in the morning. But as we krept into our tent I could hear something moving along the edge of our camp.

I jumped to my feet and grabed the flashlight. All of a sudden their was a high pitched screem like something being attacked close bye. I told my girl to hand me my 38 special side arm that i kept under my pillow.

Creeping through the forest i figured i follow the smell sense it kept getting more intense the deeper i went. Trying not to gag i skimmed through the trees with my flashlight. Then i saw it!

It was standing above a halph dead baby calph deer that was soaked in blood. It had hoves as feet and was covered in nated black fur, but the body, the body was of a man and the head of a goat. Its hands were huge and had long claw like fingers. But the eyes were unforgetable. Those eyes were like big black perls that shinned from the moon iluminating off of them.

It picked up the baby deer by its head while staring me down as if it were sizing me up. I was frozen. I didn’t know what to make of it. I raised my firearm. But it was to late. He took off faster than i could get a shot off.

I walked back to our camp in shock of what i had witnessed. When i entered the tent my girlfriend saw the look of freight on my face but i wouldent tell her what went through. I just told her it must of been an elk or some typ of animal that ran off.

The smell never came back after that incident. Fair to say i got no sleep that night. Also fair to say i will never, ever, in a million years hike through the Mylstandish forest in Plymouth, Massachusetts again.


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