Girl on the Bench

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I’m a college student and I love the college I go to. Right in front of it is a huge park perfect for students to study so it usually has at least ten people scattered around. On my way to college one morning I decided to take a longer route of walking through the park as I had woken up extra early and it was a nice day out. As I was walking I looked to my left to see a beautiful girl sitting alone on a bench reading a book, studying I assumed. She had a dated, 2ooo kind of style which made her stand out and it was quite charming.I assumed she was also a student at the college. She glanced up from her book and caught me staring. She smirked and I immediately looked away, feeling my cheeks turn a bright red shade.

The next day I decided to take the long route again because it was also a great day, but i secretly hoped to see the girl a second time. As I walked past the bench I saw her sitting there again, reading her book. I took out a book from my bag and sat down on the grass, at a reasonable length away from her. She looked at me and gave me a small smile and a wave. I smiled back and felt my heart getting heavy. I wanted to go up to her and start a conversation, I played it all out in my head, but I was just too nervous. So I sat there pretending to read my book until I realised it was time for me to head to class.

It had been a week since I saw the girl because weather predicts my routes and it had been rainy lately so I walked the shorter way. I was walking the short route when a man stopped me and told me I would have to go around through the park to get to my college due to construction. I was pretty annoyed as I would have to walk further in the rain and I had no form of protection because I wasn’t wasting the little money I had on an umbrella. To my surprise, I saw the girl sitting on the bench, reading her book, drenched and not even wearing a coat. She looked up and smiled at me. Full smile with teeth showing and squinted eyes. I was slightly freaked out as we were the only ones there and this girl was giving me weird vibes. I avoided eye contact and continued on my way to college.

I told myself that it was finally time to confront this girl on the bench. So I got up early and made my way to the park. I was thinking of how I could introduce myself and what I was going to say when I realised I was already here. She was where I expected her to be, sitting on the bench reading a book. As I looked around I noticed no one else in the park excepted for three people sitting really far away. I also noticed that there were no other benches in the park. I never realised that until now. She was sitting on the only bench in the entire park and she looked beautiful. I took a deep breath and approached her. I looked down at my feet as I walked to avoid awkward eye contact as I got closer to her. I could see the leg of the bench so I looked up to be faced with an empty bench. I was left in confusion as I looked at the shiny plaque that read, “Katie Clarke, a great friend to all, 1980 – 2001”.

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This is truly a beautiful creepypasta. Incredibly well written, and a type I have not yet encountered. It managed to immerse this reader from beginning to end, and few can do such a thing. It’s also nice to see someone telling others that not all spirits are demonic beings that only want you to suffer for eternity, but that many will carry their humane attributes with them into a nice little purgatorial state. Hopefully she found what she was looking for, and he wasn’t all too shaken up.