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This started when I was in college 9 years ago.

I worked for a man named Bob K. Bob was a retired Volkswagen race car driver in the 70’s and had since became an automotive journalist. He had some health issues that resulted in him not being able to lift anything or move anything around.

I would go work for Bob twice a week inbetween classes and usually get lunch and $20. $20 is life when you’re in college.

This story is when Bob and his wife went to the SEMA car show in Las Vegas. He asked if I would watch his house for him and take care of his dog and bird. His dog, Bridgette, was a King Cavalier Charles Spaniel and literally the sweetest dog ever. In the year I had known her I never heard her so much as bark. She was soft, kind and loved a snack.

I left my dorm room on Friday after classes and went over to the house.

I proceeded to let Bridget out, feed her and the bird, get a snack and watch some TV. After a while I was tired and went to the spare room to get some sleep. Bridget was laying beside my when she let out a low growl.. “Very Unlike Her” I thought. Then I heard a crash downstairs.

I went to check it out and as I opened the door I noticed the light in the basement were on and saw that some boxes I had stacked earlier in the day were knocked over. I also noticed the doors the his crawl space were wide open with all 3 draw string lights still on.

I didn’t think to much about this because I was just down there the day before getting all of the now tipped over boxes out of the crawl space and into the center of the room.

In my mind I had probably just stacked the boxes to high. I hopped into the crawl space, walked back the 40ft to the first draw string light, clicked it and proceeded to do the same with the other two. I exited the crawl space and stacked the boxes a little lower to the ground. As I walked back up the steps I felt a chill go down my spine. I shrugged it off.

As I reached the top of the steps and shut the door I heard a crash downstairs once again.. I open the door and run down the steps to see all of the boxes thrown around the room and the door to the crawl space WIDE OPEN with all of the lights back on.. The lights that could only be turned on by pulling the string.. the lights I had JUST shut off not 5 minutes ago.

I go upstairs without touching a thing and as I get to the top of the steps my eyes start to water..

the hair stands up on the back of my neck and I realize that it feels like I am in the middle of the arctic circle without any clothes on.. I am frozen stiff. Bridget, that loving little dog, rips from my side and starts to chase something I cannot see through the kitchen, through the living room and down a hallway that led to the dining room.

There she stands, barking more ferocious than I ever imagined she could with saliva dripping from her snarled fangs. Barking up in the corner of the dining room.. at nothing.

I wasted absolutely no time.

I grabbed Bridget and ran outside to my car. I took her back to my dorm room that night and never returned to the house until the day Bob got home. I told him of my experience and he shrugged it off. I was paid and the house was still standing, that was honestly all he really cared about.

I tell his wife what had happened.She tends to have a more sympathetic ear to someone who terrified. Her face goes from the traditional pleasant smile to a very pale.. grim.. sad look. She then informs me she has also had experiences lately when she would clean or be active in the spare room I was staying in.

She later tells me… Bob had a brother who died in the bed I was sleeping in while he was visiting only a few months prior.

I do not know if what I experienced was Bob’s dead brother. All I know is that whatever was there.. was evil.

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