ghost girl

Dear Darkness prevails my name is Alex I grew up in Merrillville in small apartment I’m sorry if my spelling is a little off but it just really shakes me when I talk about this okay here’s the story I was on Tinder one night I was scrolling through and I a girl named Mary Jane she was really cute so I message her she immediately text back and when she did we talked for a couple hours then something fell off she started talking different she started talking about how she died and immediately I thought she was on something then she said you’re just like the others you don’t believe you think I’m crazy I will show you and show me she did I saw her when I went to sleep and then when I woke up I saw her sitting at the edge of my bed and then she disappeared ever since then my house is been haunted I moved out and went into my apartment ever since that experience I will never go on Tinder again


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