Ghost/Demon in Walmart warehouse

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Before I start I want to share that I am 22 year old black man from New Orleans, Louisiana. I now live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I moved here 2 years ago in 2015. Honestly the city is fine, but I could careless for the weather. Now being from New Orleans you probably think that I know all about ghosts, demons, and such. It really isn’t the case though. You see I honestly haven’t had any paranormal things happen to me in Louisiana at all. I just think people in rural areas and less populated places have to deal with paranormal stuff. The most I had to worry about down there was getting shot since the murder rate there is very horrible.

Anyway I picked up a job at Walmart in Wyncote, PA. This Walmart is literally across the street from the Philadelphia City line. When I started at the job, I was hired to be apart of the remodel team. The store at the time was in the desperate need of being remodeled, and I would be working 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. Walmart had a warehouse building a hour away from there,  but I forget which town in PA it’s located in. Now this warehouse is where this story actually takes place.

You see the first 2 months at the job, I  had never went to the warehouse. A selected few was always picked to go and it would usually always be the same guys picked to go. One day, my manager M asked if I can go there with him and the others since someone who normally goes wouldn’t be able to show up today for work. I agreed, honestly I was ready to get out of that store for a day so this was a perfect escape for me. So we loaded up into his car and set off to the warehouse. On the ride there, M was telling me about what I would need to do while I’m there.

The plan sounded simple enough and if I need further assistance I would have Shelly and Ray Ray to help me. Those two are my co workers whom I’ve gain a cool friendship with while working there. Then they started to warn me about this one room in the warehouse where the lights don’t come on in. They said they feel a evil presence every time they’re near it. They proceeded to tell me they’re stories. One time M was checking the back room of the storage area we used and he turned his back to the room in question and the lights just flickered off. He then ran like a bat out of hell all the way past my co workers frightened. I guess he had seen something and he didn’t want to be apart of it.

Shelly then chimed in and said he seen a figure in the dark room with glowing red eyes while him and Ray Ray was working. He quickly hurried up the process and got far away from the room. When he explained why he rushed so fast they went to take a look and nothing was there. Ray Ray didn’t really have a story but did say he felt very uncomfortable around that room. I then proceeded to laugh at them. “Come on guys why yall playing with me?”  M shook his head and said you’ll see what we mean soon. I really found it funny because I never heard paranormal or ghost stories from black people before. I just took it as if they where tryna scare me and nothing more.

we finally make it to the building and the place is huge. Half of the building is still used as an office of some sort and the other half is the warehouse. M let’s us in and then goes to turn on all the lights. Pallets of shelves and cases everywhere. They give me a brief tour of it and then proceed to show me the room. It was a doorless dark room with the only light coming from a red exit sigh above a door I assume leads outside the room. I laugh and said “this is it?” “Y’all have to be kidding me” while continuing to laugh. “I’m gonna see the big scary room” I said while walking towards the room. They stand there a safe distance away from the room while watching me go in. Honestly I couldn’t give a shit about stuff like that at the time. I walked in and examined the room. With full confidence I yell too them that they are tripping and are too grown to be scared of a dark room.

M sighs, then tells us to get started with the work. Most of the day went pretty uneventful. Just easy work of tossing shelves and moving pallets. Ate pizza that M ordered for us and relaxed on 15 minute breaks when I could. At one point, I had got the urge to pee. I informed Ray that I was going to be right back after I use the rest room. He acknowledged and I left for the bathroom. Now this bathroom looked beyond creepy to me. Just the set up of it was weird itself.

When you walk in you see the sinks to the left and have to round a corner to get to the urinals. You can see 3 stalls directly to the left of the urinals facing you and the 4th stall was cover by the picece of the wall. It was very dark over the 4th and 3rd stall. Like the light above it was off but the other two stalls was lit up by the light above them. The thing I found weird though was exactly how dark it was over the 3rd and 4th stalls. It was impossibly dark over them. I ignored it and went to do my business in the urinals. While I’m doing my business, I suddenly feel a cool chill go threw my body that caused me to shiver a little. It felt like my hair on my body stood up a little as well.

Puzzled I look around me and see nothing. There’s nothing there at all. I hurry up and finish then go wash my hands. As I leave the bathroom I laugh at my self for how ridicules I acted just now. What the hell was wrong with me I thought. I get back and continue working.  M then proceeds to tell me and Ray to go to the back room and gather certain objects for a pallet he needs to be made. While where looking around, I happened to notice that we are right by the dark room. I then tell ray that I don’t see what’s the big deal about that room. He says just something isn’t right about it. I chuckle and said come on let’s go see the big bad room.

He comes along and we walk right into the middle of the room. With my eyes adjusted to the darkness I can make out old tables and debris scattered around the room. No demon ghost in here I said out loud with a laugh coming after. Ray sighs and says he’s goin back to finish gathering the stuff for M. I decided to stay there for a minute to see if anything would happen. Nothing, just a big empty room. I shake my head and then proceed to leave. I’m 10 yards away from the door when suddenly something squaks and flies past me. I jump back and yell “what the fuck was that?” Ray runs over to see what’s going on and I’m sitting around looking in the direct the thing flew in.

From the darkness of the ceiling I can make out a shape of a big pigeon or raven. It was dark like a shadowy black. It’s eyes though is what gave it away, they where red but not so much glowing but like a glossy red. I felt a sort of pressure or presence from that thing. Like I couldn’t believe the feeling I that I was experiencing. I never felt that before and was trying to figure what it was. Ray said come on let’s go and I quickly left out. Honestly after that I was shocked. I never expected no truth to the feelings and stuff they talked about.

That’s all that really happended though. I’ve been back to there a couple more times and haven’t had anymore situations with that room. I just wanted to tell this story because this experience opened me up more to spirits and entities that roam the world. I find them interesting now. I listen to stories about them and have a new respect for them. Just don’t be quick to say something isn’t real if you don’t know anything about it.

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