Ghost at Target

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I worked at target for about two years now. The one I work at is less than a mile from a newer Target that opened maybe in 2007 or so. Mine of course is older and I have been told that the place is haunted. Lots of weird things have happened, like people hearing voices on our talkies at night or seeing things after closing. But nothing major had happened to me besides a light I’d just turned off switching back on a few seconds later.

See I have worked all over the store before becoming that guy that gathers all the carts so guests have them when they come inside. You would think something creepy would have happened late at night in the dark parking lot but me I have that hostile look on my face nearly 24/7 because it is just how I am but no it happened the one night I was working the Sales Floor during the Christmas season 2015.

So as the store was getting ready to close we made an announcement to tell guests to make their final selections and the leave. Once that is one we walk the store to make sure someone is trying to hide after we leave. So, we begin and I checked the bathrooms and my area I was working in and I went to report to the LOD (Leader on Duty) Jen to let her know its all clear so we could zone the store. Just as I walk up to her and a couple of other co-workers we hear

“GET OUT OF HERE!” in a loud and hostile voice.

We all look at each other and my friend Juan and I decide we will make sure we didn’t miss anything.

I played the stealth card and moved fast along the backwall checking each aisle while Juan decide to call out

“Hello, is there anyone here. I’m sorry but we are closed.”

We this we lost any element of surprise if there was some crazy guest still in the building so I joined Juan telling him

“That’s you get us killed man!” I joked with a slight laugh

“Whatever dude.” He replied as we continued our lap along the racetrack, our main aisle of the store until we reach Jen again. We didn’t find anyone or anything.

I joked it could have just been a ghost and got some laughs. Jen then told to keep an eye open while we zoned. We did but in the end, we found nothing. Later that week I come in for a shift and I run into Jen. I joked with her again about the Ghost of Target. She laughed and said it most likely was just one of the team members having a bad night.

The strange thing happened the next week. I was closing again and I was walking the salesfloor again making sure we were guest free. I walk pass an aisle and I could have sworn I saw somebody. I turn around and I go to tell them that we were closing and that they should head to the checkout. I reach the aisle and no one was there. I check the around and still no one.

I looked around and I just stood there. Now some day when I walk around the store I see things out of the corners of my eyes, people still shopping at Target.

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