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This story is a combination of bittersweet and fear. It’s a very fond memory, and while I no longer have the entry I recorded later that night, I still remember what happened very well. I was in 8th grade, on a 3 day field trip to Washington DC.

We had already left the DC area and decided to spend the afternoon at Gettysburg. A very entertaining tour guide boarded our bus and showed us around some back roads through the former battlefields.

We saw some memorials, monuments, and heard great stories. We got to run around part of the actual battlefield, doing parkour off of rocks and climbing through rocky alcoves. It was so much fun. That’s not the point of the story though. I only mention it because it better explains what we did after dinner.

After dinner, we went on a ghost tour inside, and around the house of Jennie Wade, the only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg. I do not wish to explain her story, so I will leave two links about her story. While I was outside, I captured several photographs of orbs, and a single photograph of an unknown misty form.

My camera occasionally refused to focus, but returned to normal if I faced another direction.

While I was inside the house, my friend believes he captured the spirit of Jennie herself in a photo taken on his phone. He doesn’t have the photo anymore, but it shows a milky white form, much more defined than the misty shape I had captured. He started crying, which was very out of character of him.

I had not seen him cry since he learned his Grandmother had died, and I did not see him cry after that until he became overly involved in high school romance. I had an experience myself in the house, but much weaker than his.

I’m not sure if I can ever call it an experience, because it seemed like I could have been subconsciously faking it. I felt a very heavy, depressing presence. I sank down to my knees, not understanding what the presence was or what it meant.

Before we left the property and headed home, I captured one of my best photos while I was there, the other being the mist. I will have the link to both of them.

Links for Story 6:

Photo of the mist:

Other best photo:
I promise you that none of the orbs are the Moon, and that some or all of them could be dust is highly unlikely. (I took pictures before and after that and had no orbs, implying that if it was dust, it would have come and gone very quickly.)

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