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When I was around ten years old, I went with my older sister to a babysitting job she had so I could meet the kids and make some new friends. We played for awhile and had fun, the oldest one and I doing her little brother’s makeup to make him look like a clown.

At some point, we started talking about ghosts. They told me that there was a ghost in one of their closets that, if you stood or sat in there next to a specific jacket, it would grab your arm and pull you down. We talked some more about ghosts and similar things for a bit, then we decided to do something that I regret.

We decided to see if the ghost would talk to us. We put out a blank piece of paper and a scarlet crayon on the table in the room the closet was in (I think it was a dining room), and we asked a few questions. What was it’s name, how did they die, stuff like that. Then we all went to the livingroom, making sure we shut the door to that one room and no one left our little group.

I don’t remember how long we had waited, but we finally went back in the room to see if any answers to our questions had been written down on the paper. Well, there was something on the paper, but not what we were expecting;

Written on the paper, in all capital letters, was “GET OUT

We all got scared and went to the house of one of their friends, who had been my classmate awhile back. Once there, we all wrote “get out” on a piece of paper in capital letters to compare to the one from that room. The only one who didn’t do it was the little brother, who was the youngest of us all and didn’t know how to write yet.

After that, my sister called our mom to ask her what we should do, and she was told to get the bible the kids parents kept in their bedroom and start reading aloud from it, and I believe to also call out something like “the spirit of Christ repeals you”, though I can’t remember for sure.

I never went back there, and my sister never told me if anything had changed or not. When I think about it, I hope that it worked and whatever was in that house was gone.

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