Gazebo Experience

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I was always a very outgoing child. I didn’t always live in America, for the first five years of my life, I lived in the Philippines. I had a Grandfather on my Mother’s side that passed away two years before I was born and he was buried in this traditional Chinese cemetery since he was half-Chinese and his siblings wanted him to be buried there. So every year we would go to that cemetery with my Grandma, my uncles, cousins, and parents to celebrate his birthday or to just randomly show up and put flowers on his grave. It was a time for my family to come together and celebrate his life. My Grandma is a really chill person, so when my parents wouldn’t be able to come, she let me roam around the cemetery as much as I want, for however long I wanted. I liked playing with my cousins, pulling pranks on them, playing hide-and-seek, but I also liked playing by myself. Half the time I was there would be spent just me wandering off. This was a huge cemetery and there were iron fences all around it so even though it was huge, I couldn’t run away just like that. I knew every inch of this cemetery down to where certain shrubs are. This is important because of the next part.

Since I knew every inch of this cemetery, I would notice when something showed up and it wasn’t there before. It was Chinese New Year and everyone in the family came to pay their respects to my Grandfather. It’s not like here in America where a deceased loved-one is mourned forever, in the Philippines we take that time to celebrate their life. I was around 5 years old at this time and it was my last year before my family moved to Pennsylvania, so I decided to give it a one last walk around. I was walking for maybe ten minutes and came across a clearing. The sun was golden and everything around me illuminated. It was beautiful and there were tall grass surrounding me. Then I spotted the gazebo in the distance. I don’t remember ever seeing it, and I had a really good layout of the whole cemetery. But for some reason, it didn’t occur to me until after the incident happened. Anyways, I was drawn to this gazebo. I remember it being an off-white color and it looked like a fun place to play in. So I walked towards it and when I got there I remember just running around it and walking back and forth.

This is where the weird things began. I was standing in the middle of this gazebo when I hear the weirdest noise in the whole world. It was like a guttural engine sound, I have no idea how to describe it. With that noise came a strange high-pitched sound that really hurt my ears. I tried looking around me and then all of a sudden it just stopped. It was quiet and i couldn’t hear anything. But I could see the tall grass swaying with the wind, except I couldn’t feel the wind or hear it. Then I see a strange thing peering out from behind the grass. It was small and about the same height as my five year old self. I heard a clicking noise coming from it. The “being” or whatever it was, was just coming into view and then suddenly I was back with my family near my Grandfather’s grave and they were packing up things to go home. The sun was disappearing and I was just standing there, dazed and confused.

I don’t remember much after that, I just remember going home and thinking it was a strange dream. But I knew deep down that it wasn’t. I know the difference between being asleep and being awake, and I was very much awake. Growing up, I remember having the incident just randomly pop into my head but I would always brush it aside. But a few months ago, I finally decided to confront it. My Grandma lives with my family now here in America, and I decided to ask her about things we used to do back in the Philippines. I asked her about the cemetery and she smiled and said I would run around a lot and annoy all of my older cousins. I asked her if she remembers a white gazebo. At first she said no, and then asked me to draw it for her. So I drew it and she shook her head and said there was no such thing. I then asked her if there was ever a time when I was gone for a long time during the cemetery outings we had, and she shook her head again and said no, cause the cemetery was fenced. I decided to drop it until she told about one incident where I was acting strange. I pressed her on the subject and she told me that the last time we were there, I came back with a strange look in my eyes. I asked her,” What do you mean?”.

She told me,” You were always smiling and laughing. But that last time you came back and you looked very upset, like something bothered you. And then for a week you were so sick and you had terrible fevers.” After that I decided to drop it. I don’t know what happened that day in the cemetery. At this point, I don’t know if it’s a good idea that I should. I have a pretty normal life, and I’m not really into the paranormal stuff. I’ve told a few of my close friends but they either tell me I was probably just dreaming, or it was aliens or whatever. But whatever it was, I don’t think it’s let go of me yet. Not that anything bad has ever happened to me, but sometimes before I fall asleep at night I swear I can hear that same clicking noise.

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