Gas Station Pedo

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Gas Station Pedo 

Early 2014 my family opened a gas station in New Mexico. It was a rinky-dink little convenient store. It was right in front of the local grocery store and to the right of it was my mothers salon. 

I was 14 at the time, am now 17. For being a girl who developed early, I was used to grown men mistaking me for someone of age and flirting with me, but what I experienced working at the gas station was something that keeps me on edge around truckers and truck stops.

I was a rebellious child as in Sophmore year I’d never show up to school and would often only go to smoke weed. To avoid being scolded by my parents, I would offer to cover for my dad at work while he worked on keeping books. It started out as a rare deal but I ended up never going back to school and becoming manager. I’d show up to work at 5:45 to give me time to turn on fridges and computers, and I open at 6.

I worked there for about 6 months before I started noticing the type of people who came in.

There was the regulars, who’d get the same exact thing everyday ranging from Gatorade to gas station tornados and cigarettes. (I worked here illegally and if anyone would question my parents we just explained some lie about family owned businesses allowing that)

Across the street was a truck stop that was always busy and occasionally sending customers to us. I met weird truckers but there was this one guy that rubbed me wrong. This man was Hispanic and seemed to live in town or in nearing areas as I was starting to see him a lot more.

He would always make weird comments about my appearance, “I really like your leggings” was his most famous. Every time I heard him say it I would cover the rest of my body in one of those uncomfortable arms crossed positions. He’d laugh and walk away.

One morning, my parents were out of town and I couldn’t sleep so I decided to head to work early to start the morning cleaning process. As I pulled in to the parking lot I noticed a semi parked behind my moms salon, note the alley behind the salon wasn’t large enough for vehicles to go through let alone a semi and it was also a dead end.

I didn’t think much of it so I continued to open the store and make coffee and start the day. About 20 minutes later I heard a tapping on the glass door. I am not easily scared but I have severe anxiety which gives me “abort mission” signals constantly so when I get them I have no choice but to brush them off. I turned my heard and saw the trucker that gave me a weird feeling.

I don’t open the door unless my co-worker who is a close friend to my mom shows up, but I decided to open the door.

He asked his usual, “how are you” and other common grettings and continued around the store gathering things and he finally brought it up to the counter. I began to scan the snacks and energy drinks and as I almost finished he started leaning over the counter. The counter was about waist high and im 5’3 so he towered over it. He kept leaning and I looked at him with a disgustef face which drew him back. He complimented my thighs and my leggings, but he didnt laugh and leave like usual, he kept talking but the thing that sent alarms and red flags through the sky is when he said, ” you’re very beautiful, you should come work for me” I jokingly laughed and was obviously very uncomfortable. He would moan to himself and as he was gathering his things my coworker walked in. I asked her to watch the counter as I used the restroom.

Apparently as I used the restroom, he was asking about me and asked my work schedule and what time i got off that day to my coworker and as a grown woman she felt reg flags flying. She told him off and threatened to shoot him if he came around me yelling about how I’m a minor and how he was vile.

I never came face to face with him again but I would notice his truck parked outside the building, knowing he was watching me.

I started to feel scared to go to work, I even brought up to my parents that men were making sexual remarks to me and it made me feel unsafe. I was told to take it as a compliment. Stories of truckers kidnapping and murdering woman started to circulate through other gas station employees who recommended me to stop working alone, as my coworker had children and was rarely there.

Eventually a man was found in his semi across the street dead who had overdosed on heroin, and after that I never saw that man again. I no longer work there and ill probably never work another gas station again because I always felt that guy was more places than i noticed.

I don’t hate truckers, I just hate creeps that use the job to their advantage.

Unfortunately my parents didn’t care enough about my well being and my safety, but I’m glad I had my coworker to protect me because who knows if he waited for me to clock out, what if one day he didn’t just watch me from his truck? I’m glad I didn’t have to find out. To all the girls out there, be safe, travel in groups and you don’t have to be friendly to someone who makes you severely uncomfortable.

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