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I’m a online gammer and I’m a girl me and a couple of friends play call of duty games a lot so I’m used to people getting mad and a few wired people here and there but this one person I ran into was different.

so I was up playing Xbox as usual but only one of my friends was on at the time so me and him played together we was talking and he made a few jokes here and there and I laughed but when me and him got into a lobby this guy was cussing…

everyone..saying “I will find you and fucking kill you” and me and my friend went silent just listening I told him to back out and he did but then I got a friend request from the guy of course I declined and then I started getting messages from him saying wired things like how sexy my character is..and how he would want to meet me in person so I blocked him and then later maybe 1 to 3 hours later I get a friend request from a different account I didn’t know it was him until he started with the messages again and my friend was offline by now so I was creeped out and I said to myself “this fucker went as far to make another account just to text me?!?” I blocked him again and I turned off my Xbox for a bit and took a brake and got back on again 15 new messages…

I blocked again and again…it hasn’t happened for a while…let’s hope it doesn’t again

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