Gaming with stalkers

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When I was about 9, and I was very stupid and Immature. I got a PS3 for my 9th birthday. And I got a game that involved world wide content. Which I didn’t really care about, at the time.

I put in a username and started to play, enjoying the first few weeks of my new game till things got interesting. Someone started playing with me, and we became great friends.

One day, the person I was playing with had said “Nice one, Bella!” But the thing was, I never told them my name.

“How did you get my name?” Was the first thing I had to ask, and my online friend just stayed silent the rest of the game.

I decided that I wouldn’t look into it much, until things got so bad I had to block my online friend. Then my online buddy got more information from me without me saying anything.

“Hey Bella, how old are you?” They asked, this game required a certain age so I just said 13. “You look about 10 to me.” I could here him smile from through my headphones. And this freaked me out.

What the hell? “How do you know what I look like?” Is all I was able to stutter out. Next thing I knew, my online friend was blocked. And I never spoke to this person again.

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okay that’s creepy!!


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