GAMING Creepypasta | Sims 3 is Broken

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Who needs the Sims 4 when the Sims 3 is as SCARY as ever?

The sims 3 is a game that allows you to control people. You can make them fall in love, raise children, reach their dreams, or even die. Yes, this is complete control over digital beings. Even without sims 3 cheats or sims glitches, there are horrors abound with this game of control. This is no game theory – when you give people too much control, ghost stories and horror short stories are born. This gaming creepypasta from reddit nosleep pastelgardens proves to us that giving any one person too much control can end very very badly. Enjoy this Sims 3 gaming creepypasta story until Sims 5 comes! Unless you own the sims 4 pc, that is.

GAMING Creepypasta Sims 3 is Broken is a Disturbing Reddit Nosleep Creepypasta by pastelgardens and inspired by theproblemliesinme of the reddit nosleep community. Read this story here –

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Scary Sims Creepypasta Story from Reddit Nosleep and Written by pastelgardens. Footage by Emily Middleton.

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