Gagged by wood spirits

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I’m nineteen years old girl from Finland, and I had this experience about four years ago when I lived in Lapland. Our house was near to this forested hill where i used to go take long walks.

This time it was winter and there was a lot of snow everywhere.

I went to that forest once again, in order to get some fresh air. I wasn’t planning to stay for long because it was so cold outside. After all I ended up wading in the snow in the middle of the woods, but I still wasn’t too far from our house.

Everytime I spend time in nature I totally lose all sense of time, and that’s what happened this time as well. Also, that forest always gives me weird vibes, as if someone is watching me all the time as i go, and I’m kind of scared to deviate from the path or make much noise. I try to be respectful, you know.

I’ve read that there’s an ancient creature that lives on that very hill.

As the hill has been named Ounas hill the creature’s known as Ounas Ukko. I believe that I was feeling his presence there. So, I was searching for one trail that i knew to be near, and wanted to get there so i wouldn’t have to walk in the snow because that stopped me from moving fast.

Still, for some weird reason, I couldn’t spot the trail no matter how i was searching. Until finally, I saw the trail. But it wasn’t the one i was looking for. I realized that I was maybe three miles away from home and there’s no way i could’ve made it that far. I was freezing and very confused and I had to find the right trail and walk all the way back home. I’ve heard that some spirits that live in the woods can trick or mislead people.

They’re not evil, but they may be really impish. Spirits of juniper are usually those who lead people astray, and to prevent their little tricks you’re supposed to turn over your jacket.

That’s an old belief. I strongly believe that those spirits had something to do with my experience.

The picture by John Bauer

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Sounds like possession, what these spirits usually do is they will mind merge or “enter you” and force you mind down into the delta frequency or “deep trance state”, this causes you to loose track of time and of your body, kinda like going to sleep… allowing them to take control and move you about for hours… even though for you it can feel like minutes. If you ever go there again carrying Black Tourmaline, Shungite or Tektite with you can prevent this from happening because these gems alter your aura making it more resilient to their attacks.