Gadsden Poltergeist

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I don’t claim to be a great writer so bare with me. The year was 2015, my wife and I had just moved into a new house, well, it was new to us. It was a 3 bedroom, we stayed locked in the bedroom next to the kitchen, it was cold and we only had a small electric heater, the very reason we stayed in one room all the time.

We were laying in bed one night watching t.v, out of nowhere it sounded like everything in the house was been thrown around. I’m thinking what the hell, after I mustard up some nerve I decided to check it out.

I open my door, slowly step out and proceed to creep down the hallway. Halfway down the hall it suddenly stops. I check every room and everything appears normal. Okay, guess we both are going crazy i thought to myself.

I then went back to my room and got back in bed for more t.v., as soon as my mind calmed the noise started back, only louder this time. It lasted all night.

When I would be at work and my wife home alone she would feel as if she were being followed everywhere. She would hear someone walking back and forth in the hallway. A few times it had gotten so bad, she would call me at work and beg me to come home and I would.

Needless to say we got out of that house. I have more stories dating back to my childhood in the 80’s up until now. I will share those if this is accepted. Thank for reading or listening, which ever your doing.

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