My friends crazy mother.

My friend always was always at my house. She told me her mom was put into a mental institution because she had horrible problems. She basically lived with us unless her dad came and let her stay with him. Well, when it was nighttime, Amber and I decided to stay up late.

We heard loud bang from the front  door, and got terrified. We ran up to my room and locked the door. The front door got kicked down and we started crying. We heard terrifying screaming. My mom was at work and my dad was in New York for work. We called 911, and then we heard creaking. The dispatcher said someone will be there.

My friend went out and looked, and I should have told her no. I heard the loudest, most terrifying scream. She had a butcher knife, and I ran out with my brothers pocket knife and found the most scariest thing I’ve ever saw. My best friends body parts.

Her clothes were taken off, and her arm was decapitated. Her head was gone. Her legs were severed. Her back was carved ¬†with the letters “Mommy’s Girl.”


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