Friday 13th Creature

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So I live in a town just outside of Bath in England and it was about a year or so ago when this happened. It was Friday 13th and I love Friday 13th and well anything creepy at all. I’m really into paranormal stuff and I watch paranormal shows all the time. Anyway I was up at around 7;30 AM getting ready for school. I had just finished my breakfast and was heading up stairs to clean my teeth.

The way my house works is you have the entry hallway and to the left is the kitchen, straight ahead and to the left is the living room and to the right are the stairs. I was walking up the stairs and I looked through the wooden bars of the banister of the stairs into my living room as the door was left open. I stopped on the stairs and stared. I was frozen as looked at this creature. It was strange, it had no face and it was on all fours and it’s skin was a pale yellow.

It had long black claws coming out from its feet. It was there for less than a few seconds until it jumped out of view from the doorway. I still stood there in shock at what I just saw. I moved my head into the direction of where it jumped to see further into the living room. I saw nothing, it was gone. The speed it moved was so un natural as well. It was almost a blur when it jumped. My mum saw that I looked shocked and a little scared and asked me what was wrong. I said nothing and started walking up stairs again. I dismissed what I saw as me being tired or being paranoid of the day.

I carried on and got myself ready for school. I left and started walking to school as only live a few minutes away from my school. I always walk with earphones in listening to music so I don’t really pay attention to anything. So I got onto this path which was very open with some small houses to the left and open grass to the right. Ahead of me was a small paved car park for a social club which was also ahead. Also ahead and to the right was a set of flats.

As I approached this area I looked over to the right and looked at the building of flats and was shocked to see that thing there again. It was just next to the building on the grass. Once again it jumped behind the building out of view. I was so scared at this point, I didn’t stop. I began to walk faster and didn’t dare to look back to see if that thing was still there. The whole journey to school I was paranoid that the creature was still following me and was stalking me.

I got to school and felt a little more released. I told my friend and a teacher at school about what I saw.My friend believed me and the teacher wasn’t as convinced. She said that it might be brain damage which made me laugh and made me worry at the same time. I didn’t see that thing the rest of the day, and I haven’t seen it since thank God. I don’t really know what that creature was, I don’t know if it was my imagination running wild because it was Friday 13th or if this thing was real and did stalk me. I just really want to know if anyone else has seen or experienced anything like this as I’m really doubting if this was even real. I’m just so glad I have never seen the creature since, whatever that ghostly beast was.

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