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This is a true story about myself and my best friends Richard’s experince. My name is Jeff I’m in the United States Marine Corps. Being part of the artillery side of our branch, everyone who has the MOS of 0811 goes to Fort Sill OK for training. It’s a relatively big base, but the Marine Battery is located out of the way of most of it. It’s located right next to a cemetery, which makes the following events even worse. Especially since I didn’t believe in ghosts or demons.

It was around April/June of 2016. Myself and a couple of buddies had just arrived at the battery. It was around 1am in the morning so we were all extremely tired. The duty NCO (Non-commissioned officer) checked us in. Gave us our room cards, and sheets and pillows for our rooms. He instructed us to be in formation by 0445 or 4:45Am. Myself and Richard were assigned room 211. It was on the 1st floor, about 50ft from the duty desk. We began walking towards the end of the hallway when we noticed two doors on opposite sides of the ball.

Both leading down to what we assumed was the basement. On the doors there were signs, NO UNATHORIZED PERSONELL BEYOND THIS POINT. Naturally we assumed it was probably an armoury, or something of the sort. We joked about how we would try to get down there and see the weaponry. Looking back, what happened in the following moments, it should have been a massive red flag as to what history Fort Sill holds.

As we resumed walking towards our room we heard a massive bang.

My first instinct was that someone had just discharged a firearm inside the barracks. It sounded exactly like gunfire. The door to a room a few paces away opended, and a marine stepped out. He look at us, and told us to keep it the fuck down. We relayed it wasn’t us. And that it sounded like it came from the basement. The minute we mentioned the basement, his deamenor completely changed.

He told us to get into his room. We followed him into his room and he locked the door behind us. He sat down on his rack and began speaking. “You two poor bastards have no idea what you’re in for.” There were three barracks in the Marine Battery. 1 of which was for new marines, the 2nd for the marines in class, and the 3rd was entirely locked down.

Appearing to be in the process remodeling from the. “What the fuck are you talking about,” i said. “All of the buildings, have a past.

The one we are sitting in, used to have an electric chair in the basement. The others, were and insane asylum, and a morgue. Didn’t you see the bars on the Windows as you came in? And how all the others didn’t have them?”

“The thought didn’t cross my mind,” i replied.

He began to tell us about an incident that happened when he first arrived here. “Our battery Gunnery Seargent found 2 marines fucking around with a Oujia board one night. Being the asshole he is, he confiscated it and threw it away. The next morning he found it sitting on the desk in his office. His office is locked, by a keylock, a number pad, and a card swipe. Nobody was getting in besides him. It was my job first thing in the morning to report to him, and clean his office. When I walked in I saw my cutting the damn thing up.

We both thought that was the end of it. Again the next morning, it was on his desk.

He called in a priest to bless the 3 buildings and locked the board in a chest surrounded by holy water. And placed in the basement. Ever since then I haven’t been able to get a goodnight sleep.” Is that why you can’t go down there I asked? That and the armoury is down there as well. We chatted for a few more minutes before going off to bed. About a week would pass before things got worse.

I was sitting in my room and we were done for the day, playing the ps4 I had bought. It was the weekend so we had liberty so I didn’t have to go to bed. My buddy Richard was coming back from the gym and we both decided we wanted to find the board.

He grabbed a screwdriver and we went out into the hall to one of the doors. It was about 11pm almost everybody was knocked out. We used the screw driver to pry open the door. And headed down into the basement. We couldn’t turn on the lights for fear of being noticed, so we used our phones. It was extremely cold down there. Cold enough to see you breath even though it was 90 fucking degrees outside. At this point I started to get nervous. It shouldn’t be cold down here.

We walked into this medium size room, in the center you could see a large metal plate with bolts that looked like it secured something to the floor. Above on the ceiling somebody had done a shoddy plaster job. You could still see some of the the wires poking and and cables unlike anything I’ve seen before. This must be the electric chair room I said.

There’s no fucking way it’s not. Shut up he said we don’t know that. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, and I will remember this moment for the rest of my life, i heard a voice. Unlike anything I’ve ever heard.

Like fingernails on a chalkboard, sandpaper across glass, almost excruciating to listen to…..leave…. it said.

What the fuck was that I almost fucking yelled. Shut the fuck up Richard hissed back at me. You heard that Right? I asked. Yes, yes I did he said. I dont like this man. I’m not down to fuck with ghosts I retorted. We noticed a small window look at the other building that was completely sealed off. On the third floor behind the bars on the window I saw a figure move. Briefly. Not enough to know if it was a person or not. Richard tapped me on my shoulder I turned around.

My heart stopped. Fear unlike anything I’ve felt before came crashing over me like a wave through a surfer. Standing in the corner, was a figure blacker then midnight itself. It’s arm was raised point to the staircase back up to the first floor. “Leave before you cant.” The words floated to us.

I took off.

Faster then I’ve ever ran in my entire life.

Faster then football.

Faster then boot camp.

I flew up the stairs 4 at a time and crashed into the door, hitting the bar to open in and flew out onto my face in the hallway. The duty NCO came around the corner right as Richard and I crashed into the wall and the door shut behind us. “What in the fucking Godamn were you two doing down there?”

He yelled at us. “Gunny is gonna have your asses you idiots.”

The next morning myself and Richard both had our liberty revoked the rest of the time we were there. We spent countless hours scrubbing toilets and mopping floors. The day we graduated and left to go onto the Fleet Marine Corps force was the happiest day of my life. I swear even to this day I will never go back. I will sooner go AWOL then to ever step foot on that base again in my life.


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