Forest Howl

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Me and my family went to our family cabin for Spring Break, this year. This cabin is on top of a hill in Indiana, with lots of forest around. I’ve always been fascinated by the creatures I find, like snails and bats flying above head. This year, it was too cold at the time for most of these, so we usually stayed at the cabin part, no forest exploring. On our first night there, we lit a fire to enjoy the time before the incoming rain the next few days. Since we were bored and had no s’mores to cook, we decided to tell some scary campfire stories, like any person would. So, my mom was reading one off her phone. and I decided to close my eyes and relax with the heat of the fire. It was comfortable, your legs the perfect temperature, a story to fall asleep to, and the background noise of a crackling fire. I got deep into this state of relaxation, when I heard a loud howl of a coyote, dog, or something else. I snapped up, startled by the noise. My mom continued to read, and the niece next to me simply listening. No one seemed to of heard this howl. It could of been my imagination, but it was so real, so loud. Plus, I don’t remember ever hearing a howl like it. It was such an odd moment, and my mom asked if I heard something. They clearly didn’t hear it. This fact really scared me, as it sounded so real, it could of been in the forest. Since no one knew about the sound, I decided to shrug it off and not care. I did the same relaxation thing, and my dog started to growl. Now this was really freaky. We all scanned our flashlights in the direction they were growling, but saw nothing. Since all this was so odd, I stopped closing my eyes and relaxing. From there, everything was normal. This was horrifying to me, since I seemed to be the only one who heard this howl. My dog growled while I relaxed, this could be the same thing, but I didn’t hear this time. So, I want to leave this up to anyone reading, what could of happened? Just a warning though, I wouldn’t relax as I did, in case this happens to you.


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