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This story happened back when I was about 12 and I am a male.

It was a warm summer afternoon and my mom and I decided to go grocery shopping. As we entered the store, I took notice of a man, wearing a yellow button down, khaki pants, and bright white hair. He must of been at least 50. He stood out to me because he had a wide smile and was staring directly at me. I was always told to be nice to other people so I smiled back and shyly waved at him. His smile somehow got even wider and he waved back.

As we were shopping, I began to notice he was following us, about one car length behind us. He would occasionally grab stuff off the shelves and put it in his cart but still kept pace with us. It was very obvious that he was following us, going every aisle as we did. I was growing increasing uncomfortable, especially whenever my mom would have me stay at the cart when she would get something from a nearby shelf.

As we were nearing the end of our shopping trip, I noticed that the man was no longer following us. I felt a bit more relieved knowing he was gone. As we approached the checkout lines, I told my mom that I was going to the bathroom. I entered the restroom and as I finished relieving myself in the stall, I heard the bathroom’s door open. A voice soon called out, “I know you’re in here.” I stayed quiet and sat on the toilet, pulling legs onto it, trying to hide them from view. A pair of legs appeared outside the stall, jiggling the handle a few times.
“Come on, let me in. We can have a fun time, sweetie…” He said, trying to sound nice to mask his malicious intentions.

Suddenly, I heard a sound at the bathroom door. A knock followed by a feminine voice. “Honey, are you almost done?” My mom’s voice called. I stepped off the toilet and wiped away the fearful tears that stained my cheeks. “Yeah, just finished! I’ll be out in a minute.” I called back. I unlocked the stall, attempting to walk past the man but, he took hold of my wrist before he could. His hot voice burned my ears as he whispered into them. “I’ll get your ass one of these days…” After that he exited the restroom. I washed my hands and rejoined my Mom at the checkout line.

As we left the store, I saw him sitting on a bench near the exit, smiling widely before he winked. I mentally cringed at myself, and I still cringe whenever I think of this story.

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