Flying with a creep

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Before I started. Please don’t make fun of my grammar. I’m not good at typing. But, I’m good at talking.But,I’ll give it a try.

So,Me and my family were going to disneyworld for the second time. I was really looking forward to going back to the lego store there. Since,I like shopping.But,When we were eating at a place for dinner, Some guy was just looking at me. He’s look was creeping me the hell out.I told my dad that some guy was looking at me and he said “Don’t worry.He may  be trying to find a friend”. Now,My dad is one of those dads that like to tell jokes when we feel scared. I don’t know why he does it.Maybe to clam us down if were so scared. Anyways,Boarding time comes and we get on. We sit down and i sat in my own sleep. Now,The plane we were on had three seats and I had seven people going with me to Disney. And I sat in a sleep behind my mom,dad and sister and I waited for the plane to take off. When it took off,I put my headphones in and I listen to some linkin park. As I’m listening to some linkin park. Someone pulls my hair. I thought it was going to be one of those kids that just act like crazy people Cuz there mom or dad can’t do a good job. But,Boy was I wrong. It was the creep that was looking at me. I was in shocked Cuz This guy looked like Michael Myers from Halloween 2 The reboot one. The guy asks me something “Is that little girl your sister?”I didn’t know what to say Because was so scared. He asks me again. “Is that little girl your sister?” I say Yes and he tells me something that creeps me the hell out still to this day. He says “Well she’s got a nice as. I want to put my noodle in her” Now I was 13 at the time and I knew what he meant. Then I said something I should have never said I said “Stay away from her you creeper.” He gives me a look and he gets up He gets me out of my sit and pulls my arm. I yelled help and my dad.Who was asleep. gets up and tells him to let go of me. The man says that if he comes any closer he’ll kill me with his cold dead hands. Lucky. A tail guy gets up and grabs the guy and I run to my dad. The Flight people ask what’s going on and I tell them everything. The guy went behind bars after. Still. To this day I will never forget it and I never told anyone else this story and now I want to tell this story and to that creep.Please stay away from me and my sister.

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