my first girlfriend and i’s paranormal date last year

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Anyway this all happened when my girlfriend and I started dating last year, specifically on Valentine’s Day. As we both are specialists in the paranormal, and that’s actually why we dated in the first place, we wanted to do something fitting and interesting together.

I won’t give out our names, and say where we live exactly. But i’ll say that we both live in Florida. And that last year we wanted to see the legendary Skunk Ape that lives in the everglades national park. We went there on bus because we didn’t know how to drive. I was 17 and my girlfriend was 15.

We went during the day. We arrived in the place that the Skunk Ape lives at. We were excited and at the same time a little afraid, because all bigfoot species are known to be really violent, especially towards humans. Anyway we both got to where the Skunk Ape is reported. We both had our I-phones to record it, but at the same time we didn’t want to get to close to it, since Bigfoot are notorious for being violent.

So anyway we waited for a terrible smell, since they literally stink. We made out for about three hours before we smelled something horrible. We both knew right away that it had to be the Skunk Ape.

We both hid behind some bushes, and waited for something to show up. We finally saw it. We started to record it right away. The Skunk Ape was about seven and half feet tall, looked to be about four hundred pounds, and looked to be either a chimpanzee and an orangutan. But we finally caught it we ran out of there as fast as we possible could. The reason on why my girlfriend and I both managed to escape from it, was because everglades national park is a big swamp, but without any trees anywhere. So it was easy for us to see the Skunk Ape, and then run away from it. We both had our first encounter with the Skunk Ape.

We’ve both had other dates involving the supernatural since then. But this was our first one. My girlfriend and I are actually both still together. And this actually happened during the same week that Valentines day was on.

Except that it was on a Saturday.

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