My First Car Accident being a Firefighter/EMT

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To start this off at the time this happened I was a 22 y/o female, I live in a very small town where I am a volunteer firefighter/EMT. By this point I have seen my fair share of fires, but never really responded to any car accidents. The day I was paged to the accident, I will not lie I was kind of excited this was my first. I could finally use my skills I was scared I would loose if I didn’t use them, that is until I found out more about the accident.

My team and I pulled up to the accident and hopped out of our rig. I ran over to the vehicle to get an understanding of what all we will need to get this person out. But that was when I realized that there was three other bodies laying in the ditch around me. There were five young men crammed into a very small car, three like I said where thrown out, one was stuck in a horribly unnatural way in the upside down car. And the only one wearing a seat belt was the driver, he was stuck in his chair, he was awake and bloody.

It was obvious to me that this was an extremely bad accident, I yelled at my team to get the jaws of life to get the driver out. I then started to walk over to the three men strewn about. The first I walked over to he was clearly decapitated with just a bit of skin holding him together, I placed a tarp over his body so the passing vehicles did not have to look at him. The second  he had sever lacerations to his upper body but had shallow fast breaths “this one is alive!” I screamed to have someone over to monitor him till the life-flight showed up. The third man will forever stay with me, he looked perfectly normal aside from a few road rash marks on his arms and legs. When I went to check for a pulse on him, I felt nothing on my fingers, but I didn’t want to believe he was also dead so I took out my stethoscope to listen directly to his heart when I realized that his rib cage was crushed, he had one of his ribs puncture his heart.

Being a very gruesome seen I couldn’t but help to notice how silent it was, the driver wasn’t screaming at all, all the cars on the  road slowed to a crawl around our vehicles. Then suddenly I could hear the life-fight helicopter in the distance to break this painful silence. I helped them land and gave them my brief report of what I knew. And we all got to work getting the living to the hospital.

Once we had enough people we went to get the man that was stuck in the back of the car out and I wish I never would have helped with this one. He had of course passed but when bringing him out of the car was like handling a balloon filled with jello the only bones he had not broken where the small ones in his hands and feet. To feel a persons body give and move the way his did will never be forgotten.

To end this I just want to say for the love of God wear your seat belts and don’t pack your car like a clown car. And do the speed limit these guys were doing at least 95-100 mph when they lost control. Thank you.


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