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My step dad now but at the time this happened he was my dad. Anyway he was a firefighter and I was only 9 years old when this had happened so I didn’t really understand until I was older on why my dad left my mum but I will explain that in the end. But when I did figured out what had happened it disturbed me and still does to this very day.

So my dad was at home and we live in a succoured area but our house is surrounded by woods that goes on forever. Nothing bad usually happened accept a couple break in’s. My dad was at home one night and my family was watching a movie together until my dads working phone went off. You need to remember that the sound of it means that there’s a fire or emergency and even if he had the day off he would still have to go in. He grabbed the phone and as usual he had to come into work because there was an emergency that a cat was stuck on someone’s roof. My dad found this as an odd call for how a cat would even be able to get onto a roof. He got into his old  truck and drove down to the station.

His boss said that they got an emergency call from someone that lived very far away from any  civilization. He felt a bit un easy for he had to go alone because his other work mates were either to busy or made up some excuse to go. My dad didn’t bother to make up an excuse because we really needed the money considering my mum doesn’t work because she had to care of my grandmother who at the time was 93 years old and was almost completely blind.

So my dad got dressed into his work clothes and without refusing got into the fire truck and punched into his JPS the location of where he had to go. About half an hour later he rolled up to an old house with other houses miles away from each other. He parked on the side of the road and looked at the roof in hope to see a cat up there. My dad started to regret coming here for it was dark now and he wouldn’t be able to see the cat without having to bringing his flash light.

He slowly got out his truck and knocked on the door. No answer. He knocked again a bit louder. No answer. He decided to knock one last time and If nobody answered he would go around the back to see if the person was around the back looking for the cat. He knocked one last time. No answer. He hesitantly went around the back yelling, “Umm hello anybody here?, It’s the emergency services.” Nothing. Just when he started to turn around and head back to his car he heard a “psssss over here”. My dads neck hair flicked up straight as he turned around petrified of what he was going to see. Standing in the dark was an outline of a man about a couple metres away from him. ” Hey my cat is stuck on my roof can you get it down?” The way the man said it freaked my dad out. But he nervously said ” y-yeh sure”. Because he needed the money and maybe he was to quick to judge the man.

My dad grabbed his ladder and climbed up the roof and looked back at the man, no surprise he was staring at my dad. My dad asked the man ” Uh so what does your cat look like?” The man just stood there and he said that it felt like forever until the man answered in a dark disturbing voice. ” White”. My dad felt really uncomfortable at this moment. It was such a small roof that he could see the entire thing from where he was standing. He shone his torch all over it and couldn’t see anything but leaves and dust. My dad turned around and said “I’m sorry but I”. And paused. The man was gone. My dad turned back around at the roof and there standing behind him was the old creepy man holding a machete! The way my dad described the man was terrifying, he was smiling so much that the end of his lips almost touched his eyebrows. His eyes were completely white and it was so bright that it had blinded my dad for a few seconds when he first turned around. The man slowly walked towards him.

My dad bolts it’s and jumps off the roof breaking his right foot. The man quickly followed but used the ladder that my dad should have used but he was in such a panic he didn’t think to use the ladder, the only thing going through his head was run, run, run!.

The old man walked over to my dad and put his hand over my dads mouth and said “shhhhhh”. He dragged him into his house . He tried to break free but there was no point the man had him in a tight grip and even if he did get loose from the mans grip my dad couldn’t run away. The persons house was so dark and smelt revolting. He tied my dad up and stripped him naked. He raped my dad and sexual assaulted him. My dad was so scared and so cold. When the man went to go get something ( I won’t say because I want to keep it pg rated) my dad took this opportunity to make a run for it. He painfully limped towards a window that was in the room.

Fortunetly it was unlocked. And yes my dad still had a chair stuck to him while he was climbing out the window. He tried to run even with his broken leg, my dad let out horrific screams of pain and when he was almost to his car he saw the man through the window dragging down the hall to where he was tied with an axe scraping the floor. At this point my dad dived inside his car and quickly cut the rope off his legs and arms. My dad didn’t have long until the man came out charging at my dad so mad. He turned the ignition on and sped out of there.

He kept checking his side view windows to make sure that he wasn’t being followed. He drove all the way back to the station reflecting on everything that just happened and how close he was to being dead. HE pulled into the station and saw his boss getting into his car. My dad leaped out and started blubbering out everything that just happened. My dads boss looked confused and embarrassed for my dad because he was still completely naked.

His boss gave him some spare clothes and drove to the police station with him to file a report. The next morning the police went out to the house and of course no one was there. But the police did smell something really gross. And what they found has made me be so blessed that the window was unlocked. The police searched the house and found 6 dead body’s some killed by an axe others cut and some had been raped to death.

Now that I’m older I can understand why my mum told me when I was 16 because she thought I was old enough to know. But I wish she didn’t tell me. When my dad was getting “raped” he wasn’t actually because he was going along with it and enjoyed it. He got an erection and turned on by the man. My dad told my mum this and said that they couldn’t be together any more because he’s gay.

This has been the worst thing that’s ever happened to me in my whole life. And dad if your listening, I hate you.

Heres a picture of the station that he used to work at.

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