failed attempt or was it?

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This will sound crazy at first. But as the story goes it will begin to make horrible sense.

I am a hunter. And by that I really mean explorer. I go traditional bow hunting in extremely rural places and on this night that has forever changed.

Like an idiot I was alone and had pushed muched farther than I had meant. The blue ridge mountains in north Georgia will do that to you. I have always considered myself a good bushcrafter and had confidence in my skills to keep safe in most situations.

It was almost dark and I had been climbing down very Ricky hills and knew I should just camp and go back in the morning. I cooked my rabbit and took some cool “bushcraft selfies” and was dozing off when a loud boom jumped my damn near out of my skin.

I am legolas level with my bow but carry a bowie/machete and a 410 revolver just in case. The sound was metallic. Like tin roofing being slammed. I was actually more afraid thinking it was moonshiners or druggies who are usually very violent. I was so wrong.

I quickly shoved my pack onto the small fire to put it out and sat still waiting to hear anything. Then I heard it again only it was more like stressed metal about to give.

Going for stealth I readied my bow and crept down the ridge way hoping to see a pickup simply loading up gear and LEAVING. But I saw darkness. No fire no flashlights nothing.

I stood there  contemplating what to do next. as I went to take my next step I heard they loud crashing sound again. I froze solid the sound was coming from right in front of me just down the hill.

As my eyes adjusted I could make out a large homemade cage. Like ones you would see at the mouth of a mine. I could then see what looked like a camp sight that had been abandoned quickly. Small fire pits with smoking ash and unsettling animal bones.

That’s when the smell hit me. Like a rot of meat only worse. I was so zoned in on the camp that I had not really given the cage attention thinking at that point it was probably the skeleton to a makeshift tent.

That’s when it happened. I was still behind the rocks on the hill mostly hidden but this feeling of dread came over me so hard I almost got sick. Like the most primal sense of knowing you are prey and about to die. I dropped my bow not given two shits about hunting or stealth and grabbed my gun.

Before i could look over the rocks again the most fucked up and disturbing scream/bellow rang out. It was so loud and deep I felt it in my chest. It was all wrong. Like I knew there was nothing on gods green earth that makes that sound. Like is a siren and a man’s death scream were played in reverse at the same time.

As I began noping the fuck out of there I heard the metal sound again and stopped. I thought “wait what if someone is stuck under a rock?” Happens all the time out here. I pony up and run down the hill and as I approach the “cage” out of the darkness of hell itself I see a massive shape throw itself at the side as if it just had to get to me.

I slide back and screamed thinking it wasn’t a trapped climber but that I had walked onto a bear mauling in progress.

Without a single thought I shot the mass through what I now knew to be a steel trap of some kind. The thing yelped and slammed into the corner and sat still. Its breathing sounded almost like a muscle car idle. Then I heard it morph into a demonic voice saying help over and over with each exhale. I went cold and panic set in. As it stood back up ON TWO LEGS I shot again only this time it flew into the side trying to get at me. Like mauling the steel bars and reaching a fucked up arm through reaching at me.

I ran. With everything I had in me I ran. The “thing” began screaming. The sound was horrible. I ran till I got sick and had to stop. Way off in the blackness behind me I still heard its faint scream. It took me all night to find a road and walk back to my truck. I called the police and rangers. Only to be brought in for suspected drug use. I could tell them where it was exactly because I was way off course and didn’t know.

But I can’t stop thinking about it. Was it locking itself away during its “change”? Or had a loved one locked it away and had been keeping it fed and alive?! To this day I still hear it in my sleep growling”help”

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