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My Experience with a Pedophile

A few months back, I had just created a new Instagram. After about 2 years of not a having an account due to personal events, out of boredom I created it. I was happy to have a simple way to communicate with friends and share things I had been doing.  I was on the social media for the entire day, texting friends and posting random things. It was about 9:00 pm and I was heading off to bed. My phone was in my hand, and I was scrolling through and liking pics. I was around 100 followers by the end of the night, and I was about to put my phone down. But right before I did, a man with the name of “e.miken” requested to follow me. Nonchalantly I accepted it, he instantly liked all of my pics and commented on one of them with heart emojis. I was weirded out from this. I had never heard of this man before, nor have I seen anyone who looked like him. He was a short, balding man with big lips. He had the face of a man much older. Out of the blue, he sent me a message saying “Hey beautiful, you look wonderful today!”. I was a little nervous to reply, but I did anyway because I wanted to see how he could escalate. I came off with the simple “Thanks. How are you?” without knowing I had opened up a can of worms. This e.miken guy replied with pictures of him in the tub, which I didn’t ask for. I politely asked him to unsend them,  and he did with an apology. We got into a random conversation. Apparently he works with drywall and is 29 years old. His grandpa had also died a few days before and he was grieving.  I thought it would be best to tell him I’m so sorry to hear and hope you’re okay with prayers. He replied saying “Thank you so much, you don’t know how I feel” while sending a million heart emojis. I knew right off the bat this guy had feelings for me. After about a day of talking, he responded to me with “A dick pic would be nice” I told him I was underage and I don’t roll like that. He was in a total shock. He asked me to block him and forget it happened. Since he was a cool guy, I told him to not worry about it. He was alright after that. He kept on commenting on my pictures and I found it to be cringy and annoying. I didn’t really view his Instagram, but when I did I found some disgusting images he had posted. Like one of 2 men having sex. After a few weeks he got my phone number, my Facebook and my email. He kept on spamming me with messages and likes on Facebook for days. I barely answered.  I was fed up with him. I told him to fuck right off or I am blocking him on everything. He was saying sorry many times. I didn’t want to accept it. He told me I was his pure love, that he skipped work to text me. He even would masturbate to me on a daily. I was disgusted. So I blocked him. I just had to. For about 8 hours, things were quiet and I didn’t get any messages from him. Until about 20 minutes later, I got a friend request from a new account e.miken made. It was a black profile pic saying “HERE FOR MY LOVE”. My stomach was turning. And everything got 10 times worse when he sent me a pic of a cut on his wrists and with a message saying “This is for you, I love you”. I blocked him and emailed Facebook, telling them to delete his account. I wanted to tell my family but the situation would only get worse. I just had to leave it at that. I went out grocery shopping with my mom one week. The week had been going out great, with nothing to make it bad. That was until I seen e.miken at the store. I was scared shitless, I couldn’t even move. Quickly, I ran next to things hoping he would not see me. My mom came over and told me to come with her for help. I said no and told her I’m not moving. After a little bit of a ruckus we made, she asked me for the honest reason why I’m acting like this. I took a deep breath and I had to tell her. I told her this man in the store with the big puffy lips and the flannel was a predator who was wanting me. She did not believe me one bit, and called me a maroon. So my last resort was to show her everything he told me. After she read everything, her mouth was wide open and she let out a gasp. She was in a terrible shock, out of anger she went marching over to him and said “SIR, WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING MY SON?” He was greatly confused, while I was hard of breathing. That was until he said my name, and replied with “My lover is your son” and also told her very random things about me, which even I couldn’t think of. My mom almost slapped him, she told me to go to the car and call the police. I did so. When the police showed up, he had left the store somehow and questioned me and my mom about what happened. They needed to go through my phone and look through the messages. They were dumbfounded about what he had been saying and how crude it was. They said I must never make contact with him.  We went back home, and the police called us. They told us his father had jailtime for child abuse and apparently owed a ton in child support. My parents told me it was best to delete Facebook, Instagram and get a new number for now until I forget about the situation and it blows over. Luckily it did, and I never received a message from him again. And according to friends, this guy now has a boyfriend. So I hope he can make him happy instead of using me.

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