My Experience with Goatman’s Bridge

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I used to be hard core into the whole paranormal thing when I was a kid, but like most people I would grow out of it as I got older.

But a trip to Denton, Texas would open my mind back up to the idea that there are things that just cannot be explained. I live in Plano and have a pal who would often go exploring places in the DFW area, parks, creeks, even a few abandoned buildings.

My pal Kath decided to ditch the normal routine of exploring the usual and brought up the Old Alton Bridge in Denton as a spot to check out and said it was supposedly haunted and had well, a goat man there.

I laughed and asked why would a dinky old bridge be haunted, and that is when she told me about the man who killed and hung by the KKK, only to find that the noose they threw over the bridge with the man had nobody on it and no trace of the body.

She also told me that another local legend says that a goatman tromps thru the woods. I scratched my head at the 2 stories, after all it’s a bid odd to have 2 different kinds of spooky activity go on at place.

So I said for the heck of it lets go check it out. Now this is where it gets a little goofy…but then a little weird. I have a set of a Stormtrooper armor from Star Wars and I figured we could take some cool pictures in the area while we were at it. So imagine me in this plastic getup walking with Kath, checking the place out. It was pretty much empty when we got there, so we started going to the bridge.

It…had a lot of graffiti on it. And most of them were pretty strange.  “Kill yourself now, the goatman is watching.” “Oh goatman, save me” “Sacrifice yourself to him” I figured it was just some edgy kids being well, edgy.

So we walked across the bridge, not noticing really anything out of the ordinary and went our way into the woods. It was then halfway thru our walk that looped us back to the entrance of the other area of the bridge did I feel a strange feeling like I was all alone,  despite having Kath with me and like the presence that you couldn’t see. It was odd, but not unnerving enough to make me want to turn back. I took my helmet off and looked around before taking a deep breath and huffing it out. Kath asked me if anything was up and I said nah, and put the trooper helmet back on. I still felt watched, but kept going thru the trail. Here and there though, I started feeling that unnerving feeling grow slightly more and more as we walked. It was strange, whatever was making me feel this odd feeling was following us.

Maybe goatman  had never seen a plastic man before, I thought to myself. Me and Kath made our way thru about the rest of the trail and I could see the trees thin out. I then decided for some reason to look down and check for mud on my boots when I noticed a few noises around. Faint sounds of tree branches being moved. I looked around and had to take the helmet off again to get a better look. Kath asked me if I heard that.

Yeah I did, and we stood there for a good 5 minutes looking around trying to find where the noise was.

Kath asked if I wanted to get back moving and I decided to hang around another minute more checking to make sure the costume parts were all secure on me and we moved on. As we got to the end of the woods it was when I suddenly felt super creeped out and felt something gently push on the back plate of my chest armor. What the hell I said in a raised confused tone. Kath was in front of me and asked me if I was alright as I spun around bringing an arm up to try to touch whoever it was that touched me. But I nothing. Nothing was there. I felt myself get goosebumps and my hair stand on end.

I asked Kath what the hell just happened only to get told that she had no clue. I took my helmet off yet again and carried it in my hands the rest of the walk home, both of us looking pretty damn confused.

Neither of us said a word as we went our way to the rest of the trail and to her car. I took my gear off and hopped into the car thinking that was the end of it, but the weirdest part yet was to happen. I got home, and later that night went to bed pretty late, about 3 am if I recall. I fell asleep pretty easy, but I got woken up wide awake by a hard slam on my bed, as if it was done by somebody using their hand.

I usually sleep facing the wall on my bed and I was frozen stiff, too scared to look over to see what had done it. I stayed still, not moving an inch until the shock wore off and jumped out of bed scrambling to turn on the lamp by the bed. And not a damn trace of anything or anyone was to be seen. Nothing. Zilch. Its been a year almost since this happened, and I still cannot come up with an explanation to what happened, but I will tell you, I believe in the paranormal now.

There are some things that you can’t believe in until you experience it yourself, and I am somewhat grateful I haven’t had another encounter with whatever it was that decided to interact with me.

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