My ex thinks she is the devil

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This story all begins when I begin to see that I have feelings for another girl while I had a girlfriend. My girlfriend’s name was Ashley, and the girl that I have secretly admired was named Joarden. Now Ashley and I had been dating for a couple of years. And I could tell she was waiting for me to propose to her. Ashley was unique and stunning, the only thing I didn’t know was that she was batshit crazy. I soon began to get to know Joarden. As I was my school’s fool and adrenaline junkie as well as the most popular kid, she knew me. We very soon became close friends, enough so that I sadly had to break up with Ashley. I never told her why I had broken up with her, I just said ” I’m sorry, but its not working out.”

Me and Joarden began to take it to the next level, we soon became boyfriend and girlfriend. It was going smooth, until one day I get a text from Ashley saying exactly this. ” I know what you did, you will pay, with your soul.” ” My ass!”, I said aloud to no one. I was a little spooked but not enough to take her seriously. Around 11:46 I began getting messages one after another all saying what looked like harry potter spells. Now there were several and I kid you not here is what they had said. ” Zlahsgrata eronn neverna.” ” Equantotem deverela.” ” Menslahdraga zeefrah notonya.”

” What the hell, is she drunk, high or something to be sending this shit at 11:00 at night?”, again I said to now one but my panda pillow. Pushing it off as a salty breakup prank I laid down and fell back to sleep. As I began to open my eyes I saw the blinding light of the morning. As usual I checked my phone. Messages began to pop up. And of course, they were all from crazy ass girl herself. They read,” Ah, I see you are awake, nice to know you survived.” ” I don’t like that you cheated on me. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to hell?” As I saw and read these texts I soon said a prayer, only to receive another text saying,” God can’t help you now.” As I read the message I heard a loud slam on my front door. Only seconds after that I see my bedroom door fly and break open my window. There is Ashley, with a pentagram carved with a knife in the center of her forehead. She was wielding a big machete. She charged knocking me off my bed. we ground fought for what seemed like hours, until finally police came. During the fight she stabbed me a couple times and I blacked out. That is all I remember from that day. thanks for listening and remember to get to know your girlfriend better than you already do.

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