My ex girlfriend stalker

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I mostly use counsels to game. So that means I have to go to either gamestop or a other store to get the games.

At the time I just broke up with my girlfriend. We’ll call her rain for this.

Rain was well crazy she never let me hang out with my friends that were girls. She wouldn’t even let me talk to my own cousins. After 6 months of dealing with her I broke it off.

Fast forward to 3 weeks after. I found out that the game I was looking for was family available. It would sale out easily.

I rushed to the mall wanting to get that game. It wasn’t busy at all. It was a Monday morning.

Running into the mall I bump into someone. That someone being one of my best friends. Well call her L. “Let me guess running to go get that game you wanted?” She asked. (let me add who was ace sexual) “Yup you know it wanna tag along.” I said in a rush letting her know I wanted to go now. “Yup let’s go.” We both ran up the escalator and towards GameStop.

“Do you think they have it?” She asked walking into the store. “Yes.” We looked around the big store and finally I found it. I was about to walk towards where my best friend went when I saw her. Rain was standing infront of the game stop motionless. I pretend not to see her and fast walked up to the counter. My best friend was already waiting for me.

I bought the game and we walked out the store. I let out a breath of relief to see that rain wasn’t there. “You okay?” L asked me. “Well kind of I saw rain looking into the store motionless do you think she was looking for me?” I asked a little bit panicked. “Nah don’t worry I’m with you if I need to I can cute a bitch.” L said trying to bring up the mood. I smiled and we started walking around the mall when L realised she left her keychain at the game stop.

“Can’t we just go buy a new one?” I asked whining. “NO that was limited edition keychain!” “Fine let’s go.” We walked back to GameStop. “I’ll wait out here.” “Okay I’ll be quick I promised.” I rolled my eyes because I know when L says quick she means I don’t know where I left it so it might take me a while I’m sorry okay. “Who is she?” I jumped at the sudden voice next to me. “Who the fu- rain why do you care?” “Because you are my fucking boyfriend and should not me sleeping around with whores like her.” “We broke up weeks ago and She’s ace sexual.” I said raising my voice a little.

“I told you that you couldn’t talk to anyone but me.” She got closer to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. “leave him the fuck alone!” Perfect timing. L came out the store rushing towards me. “Let go of him!” Rain let go and we ran down the escalators and out the door.

Once we were in my car we locked the door and drove away. “What the fuck is wrong with her?!” L exclaimed. “I don’t know.”

Later that night we found out that rain got arrested for harassing a other ex of hers. She still in jail and I hope she stays. I don’t want people to fall for her spell.

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did L find her keychain ?