My ex girlfriend returns

To give you some insight before I tell this. I dated my first girlfriend back in 1999 when I was 19.  Before I dated her she was very average in height and weight and really pretty.  When I met her she was heavy.  But that didn’t matter to me.  I loved her for who she was.  Anyway.  After we broke up she married.  Few years went by and I got to talk to her. Her husband had died in 2007 and we were going to have coffee and get together.  The next day her sister emailed me about her passing.  Now to present time.  I live in a small town.  I was going to a nearby town to pay a bill for my wife.  Which as close to where my ex was burned.  I was not paying attention when I got there about the cemetery. I paid the bill at the hair salon my wife goes to.  When I left I noticed a pretty girl broke down.  I asked if I could help.  She said yes.  Had a dead battery. Her car started and as I left she said thank you Paul.  I turned and she was gone.  I was shocked.  I never told her my name let alone being stunned that she disappeared.  Then it dawned on me.  It was my ex.


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