Evil Presence In Workplace

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To start, I am a 20 year old girl living in Arkansas. This story is completely true. These experiences happened to me a few years ago, when I was about 16 or 17, at this local boutique I was working at. I worked at this store for several years before I left for college. I have had encounters with the paranormal, and these were some of my first experiences.

While working at this store, I always got an unsettling feeling. Feelings of dread and anger would often come over me while I would be working alone, but that was easy to pass off as paranoia from working alone. Unfortunately, I have learned to never ignore those feelings due to what happened at this store.

As the months of me working there went on, little things would start to happen. Doors would slam, I would hear kids talking, things would be moved, but I passed these events off as nothing more than my imagination getting the best of me. I was very wrong.

One day, I was working with a good friend of mine from my high school, Ava. Ava and I were opening the store on a Sunday morning and would be working together for the rest of the day. Sundays were always slow, so we would often chat and chill for a while when there weren’t customers. The layout of the store went something like this: there were large white pillars in the store near the check-out area. Along the check out counter were very large shelves with large, glass containers with glass lids. These jars were about a foot and a half to two feet in diameter.

I was leaning on a pillar near the check out area while talking to my friend Ava, when suddenly a lid on one of the jars flew off of the jar and smashed right into the pillar I was leaning on. Glass went everywhere, including in my hair and all over my body, which made it virtually impossible for me to run away without getting scraped up a bit.

Ava and I both ran outside as fast as we could, crying, and were completely out of breath. On our way out, we still swear to have heard a deep, growling echoing around the store. The boutique was located on a fairly busy street so I can only imagine what those driving by were thinking.

It took us hours to calm down and clean up all the glass. To this day, I don’t know what happened or what caused this. I prayed and bless the store for our protection, and shortly after graduated. I hope I never encounter whatever that was again.




SIDE NOTE: (please refrain from including this little note in the video lol) I am such a huge fan of your channel, and I hope you continue to grow like you have been! Keep up the good work, man. Btw this story does take place in Fayetteville, and I know you’re from around fort smith, so if you ever want to know more about this place or other scary experiences I’ve had in Arkansas I’d be happy to share. This is only a few of many! Sending love.

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im 99% sure the speed of you running with glass in your hair is NOT going to make you hurt yourself more lol