Evil entity

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I have always been able to see and hear ghost or demons. This happend when I was 10 years old. Every summer me and my family used to visit my grandpa for a couple of months in the mountains. It is a great place to be, exept for his house. Specially the second floor and the top of the stairs. I am the only one who has noticed this in my family. This happend one rainy day when I was all alone in the house. I was in the kitchen making a snack when I suddenly heard a noice, like somebody was walking around upstairs. It creeped me out something fierce, because I knew I was alone in the house. I yealled hello, to see if someone had comed home without me notising it, but no answear. So I went to look and noone was there. I went down again and continued to make my snack.
Then I heard the noice again, and this time I got really scared. I checked again and still no one was there. So I just thought that it must bee the house moving in the wind. I went down and enjoyed my snack and read my comic. After a while I heard it agan, and this time something fell to the floor. Now I was shacking inside when I went to check. And now the lights where out and the top of the stairs where dark, this scared me. I was scared of the dark at that age. I looked up the stairs and what I saw scared the living daylight out of me. A dark figure with red eyes was looking at me and smiling. I couldn’t move an inch. All I heard was the figure growling. When I could move again after what felt like hours, I ran outside and stayed there until my grandpa came back. I told him what happend and of course he didn’t belive me, neither did my family. I didn’t mention this again, but I would always see the dark figure at the top of the stairs, espesially if I was alone in the house or if the lights was out. Years later I found out that the house was bulit using logs that was used to hang people on. And all of those logs where placed upstairs. Nedless to say, I have never been there alone again. Now my aunt owns the house, but even now I can still see the evil shadow upstairs, and I don’t like being there. So when I visit I use one of the cabins to sleep in. I have now found out that it is probably a demon squatting upstairs, so don’t tell me that demons aren’t real.

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