Your Everyday Neighborhood Stalker

A bit ago, back when my family still lived in Norway. I had a friend named Hedvig. I’m still friends with her to this day, but we don’t talk as much due to long term. Like every 8 year old kid, we would meet at the neighborhood hotspot and play.

As time goes on, somebodies birthday is sure to come up. It was my birthday, my birthday is 11/27. But of course my party wouldn’t be on the 27th. I can’t remember if it was the 26th, or the 28th. But it was one of those two. My parents wanted to drive me and 3 of my friends to Sweden, where we would stay at a resort for a few days. I lived in the suburbs of Oslo by the way, that’s the capital of Norway. I invited a few of my friends and we went, nothing important to this story happened at the resort.

But when we got back from our trip, my parents were walking around our house nervously not even an hour after we got back. They said everything was fine and they were just looking for something. Although this was true, a few objects such as a kitchen chair. Had been moved into a different part of the house. Nothing after this happened for about 3 days. Until one morning I was awoken to my dad yelling “KOM DEG UT!” Which means “GET OUT!” downstairs. I slowly got out of bed and walked towards the top of the stairs.

Looking down to see what was happening. There was a tall man, gray hair and a beard. I wish I could remember what he was wearing, but I don’t. He must have heard my footsteps because he looked back and grinned at me. The look of his face stays in my mind to this day. He ran out, but this isn’t the end of this story. If you were wondering where Hedvig comes in during this story. We met at the neighborhood hot spot, where she told me about the man that had entered her house the night before. It was the exact thing that had happened to me. As being 8, we both decided we needed to investigate this situation and walked down the street to the creepy house on the block.

You know, that one house that looks sketchy as fuck? Everything that goes wrong you assume it happens there, right? That one.

As we approached the house there was a man sitting in the window, as seeing us he quickly closed the curtains and rushed to the door. He was looking through the peek hole. Hedvig and I just looked at each other and pretended we were just going for a walk.

The man opened the door, he started running towards Hedvig and I. Luckily her house was 2 doors down, and we were quickly able to arrive. Her mother was in the lawn and saw the man chasing us, she called the cops as well as her dad. Hedvig’s dad stopped him from chasing us.

And when the cops arrived they inspected the house, the man that had broken into our houses had been living with that man. And the creepiest part, in the attic there were pictures of Hedvig and I hung on the walls. Sleeping, in class, eating, and changing.

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