Even in the Light

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This has only happened recently. I have lived in my small one bed room apartment for years now since I was 16. I have always lived alone with a few exceptions of friends or girlfriends staying with me. I am in a relationship now but she is away studying abroad. So I am completely alone in my apartment. I should also mention that I work overnight security and have for years. I get off at 7 in the morning.

Sometimes I stay up until noon or even later. Sometimes I go home and fall asleep right away. My bedroom is big actually. Big enough I keep a sheet hung up blocking out part of the room. I keep my windows sealed up so no light can bother me during the day. There are a recent series of incidents that are happening. I will list one and probably the more terrifying one.

I had gotten home stayed up until around 8 or 9. Then I went to sleep. My room is usually pitch black day or night. I woken up feeling a bit odd. Out of habit I have been and still do leave my phone charging kind of under my bed more on the side but I digress.

So reached under my bed to grab my phone when I felt another hand lightly brush up against mine. I wasn’t originally freaked out thinking I was still waking up. I decided to forget my phone and try to go back to sleep. Now I should mention I have a fan a stand up fan next to the other side of my bed as I like it a bit colder. I decided to turn on my other side to get comfortable.

I immediately noticed my fan was not there. It’s strange how my mind noticed that first and not the girl in its place. She had a white dress. Tattered and dirty. She looked around 9 or 10. Her body was rotting. I could see bones pushing through the skin. Her eyes were as red as  fire I guess but not quite that dramatic. Her smile was not normal it didn’t look out of the ordinary at all but I could sense malicious intent behind it. The shock of it must’ve really woke me up because in one moment she was there the next it was just pitch blackness.

Immediately I could hear the sound of my fan blowing air on me and I realised I must’ve been dreaming. I was immediately relieved. Started to calm down and let out a sigh of relief. Then I saw it. It was quick like a flash. I saw a figure run from the side of my room the side I have covered up too my door and quickly opened it left and shut the door on its way out.

I got up and checked my door was locked my windows were locked. Here’s some advice even if it’s daylight. The sun is out shining bright. If there is darkness there’s things in it.

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