Encounter with a Strange Creature

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Hello. My name is Tyler. I live in a small town with my brother and grandparents in southern Virginia, about an hour away from Richmond, Virginia’s capitol. Living in a rural area, you are bound to see or experiance weird things, but this encounter happened to me while I was staying at my mom’s house.

My mom lives in a suburb in Richmond. Behind her house is about 30 or so acres of woods. I don’t know who or if anyone owns it. This was during summer break. My mom works as a nurse for an elderly lady so she has to spend the night at work Sunday through Wednesday. This happened on a Tuesday night. Everyone had gone to bed so i decided to smoke some maijuana. It was a warm summer night and I sat at the bottom of the back deck stairs and packed my pipe.

For what ever reason, I looked up towards the wooded area. Standing just behind the chainlink fence, I saw what appeared to be a figure hunched over. I couldn’t tell if it was facing towards or away from me. I paused for a moment. At first I thought surely it’s just an oddly shaped stump. But at that moment I saw the figure stand up. Bear in mind, I hadn’t smoked yet, as this figure inturupted me so I was sitting absolutely still holding my pipe looking at the figure. We both stood still for about two minutes.

Finally, I decided to place my paraphernalia down, grabed my phone, and opened the flashlight app. I had no idea what to expect or what I would afterwarda. I really wish I hadn’t.

Standing there was thin, gray creature, a little shorter than me so I’d say about 5 feet. It had eyes that reflected yellow. Before I could get a good look at it, it bolted deeper into the woods.

I grabed my things and got back inside. I made sure all the doors were locked before storing my things. By that time it was 1 am, so I decided to play Battlefield Hardline on the big living room tv. The living room had a huge bay window facing to the back yard. They were closed when I came back inside, and I didn’t dare to open them.

I must’ve fallen asleep, as the next thing I remember was waking up to see it was 10:30 am. I was on the living room couch. I thought it was odd that no one had woken me up sooner as I was in the living room, but I just assumed everyone had left for the day.

There was only one other time I encountered that creature. About two weeks later, I was in my room at about 9 at nigh watching Hulu or some such service when I glanced out my bedroom window which also faced the back yard. I saw a shadow slowly creep across the yard. It caught my eye and I immediately thought if the creature I had seen before. I quickly went into the livingroom to see if I could see it from the bay window. Sure enough I saw the creature edge closer and closer to our next door neighbors yard. I motioned my moms boyfriend over and he saw the creature.

He gasped but didn’t say a word. I saw a faint orange twinkle which I can only assume was a distant street light reflecting on its eyes. It quickly scrambled over the tall wooden fence and out of sight. I will never forget the summer of 2016 and the sight of that creature.

I tried to do research in what i saw. My best guess is that It is a creature similar to the Rake due to its color and figure. That being said, I didn’t see its hands so I can’t verify if it had long, sharp fingers. I don’t go out after dark while I’m at my mom’s unless it’s to my car. I pray I don’t see that creature again. No one else besides my moms boyfriend has said anything about seeing that creature. Im just glad it decided to run away that night instead of chowing down on me.

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