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First off, this is not my story, but one of my very good friends.Lets call him J. We have been friends since 4th grade (we are now in junior year) and from as far back as I can remember, J has told me weird things that happened around his house.

When his family moved in they discovered that the previous owner was a sniper from WWII named Elmo, and they even found classified documents in the attic about the work that he was assigned to.

As time went on J’s mom had gave birth to his sister, after this they began to experience some…. happenings around the house.

One story that really stood out to me was one that happened on father’s day.

J was very young at the time, maybe around 7, and he had forgotten to make something for his dad. He got up early in the morning to draw his dad a picture (note: his bedroom was right across from the kitchen, and there was a small hallway that connected the kitchen and living room. On one of the walls in the small hallway led to the basement) He grabbed his crayons and sat at the kitchen counter facing the small hallway. Happily coloring away, he glanced at the hallway, and what he saw there scared him so bad that he abandoned his picture, ran into his room and hid under his covers until everyone else woke up. He had seen a dark figure standing right in front of the door leading to the basement, being a little embarrassed about how he reacted, he decided to keep it to himself.

Later that night during dinner, J’s little sister was around 3 at the time, and said “daddy, who is that dark man that I saw?”

J looked up in surprise, there is no way that she knew about what he saw, he hadn’t said a thing about it. His dad nudged J,”Aha, it’s probably good ole Elmo!” J nervously laughed along, not letting his dad know that he had seen the same thing that his young sister had.
A month passed, and J had forgotten about the incident completely. His uncle was staying at their house for a while because he was moving into a new apartment close by and he was waiting for his stuff to get there.

One day while they were all at school and his uncle was at the house alone, his dad remembers getting a frantic phone call from his brother, when he picked it up J’s uncle started screaming about how there is someone in their house.

Now, years later, J and I started dating and I found out that his family had been plagued by spirits for generation, but that’s a story for another day.

When I’m over at his house now, especially in the evening, I tend to try and stay away from that hallway, and I swear…. I can feel someone watching me.

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